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Unique and Fun Cinco de Mayo Baby Shower Ideas

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Having a fun Cinco de Mayo Baby Shower can be an awesome baby shower idea! Since Cinco de Mayo is all about fun, parades, food, and being together with family and friends, it really is a theme that fits!

After all, you’re going to be carrying around and growing that little bundle of joy for 9 months so why not throw an amazing party to celebrate?

baby shower ideas for Cinco de Mayo

Check out some of these great baby shower ideas for a Cinco de Mayo Baby Shower that can turn your celebration into one that people will never forget!

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Cinco de Mayo Baby Shower

Don’t forget about the cake! Check out this fun Fiesta Cake and Cupcakes! It looks like the cake is a bright and colored ruffled skirt that you’d see dancers wearing in the Cinco de Mayo parade! Talk about a way to bring out the fiesta themed fun!

If you’re going to have kids allowed at the baby shower, you’re going to want to make certain that there are things there for them at the fiesta party to do as well. These Cinco de Mayo crafts are entertaining, easy, and fun.



Adults like good games as well but you do need to be a bit pickier. This Chili Pepper Guessing Game is a great one for adults and perfect if you like a little spice! (and if you’re craving spicing foods since you’re pregnant, you might really enjoy this game as well)

Everyone knows that a great punch is a requirement at baby showers and this Maybe Margarita Punch is going to be a hit. The best part? It’s non-alcoholic so everyone can enjoy a taste.

Finding the perfect baby shower invitation shouldn’t be hard and here is plenty to have you thinking. Just make certain to send them out plenty in advance so that people have time to commit and attend.

Every party needs a pinata, right? Here is an easy DIY pinata that you can easily make yourself. Then all you need to do is stuff full of candy or little gifts and it’s a fun way to let everyone have a “wack” to see if they can break it open.

Having themed decorations for your party is key and this Mini DIY Sombrero Garland just couldn’t be more adorable! Make up a few of these and they’re a great focal point to have to hang around for everyone to love.

Just in case the first craft for kids wasn’t enough, they’re going to love making these adorable Paper Plate Sombrero’s as well. Easy and something that they can then take home to keep and play with.

Having a candy table set up for guests is always a winning choice. Why not whip up some of the top homemade Mexican candy to serve to your family and friends? You can even have to-go bags for them to take some of it home as well.

Cinco de Mayo Baby Shower Ideas and Tips

If you’re wanting to serve a simple dish for your guests to eat at the baby shower, this Mexican Casserole is one that they’ll be coming back for more and more.

As you can tell, gearing up for a Cinco de Mayo baby shower is a lot of fun. You can even throw some fun Taco Tuesday puns in there like “Let’s Taco ’bout it” or something else silly like that.

Have fun planning out your fun and unique baby shower. Make certain that you do all the things that you want so you can have the Mexican fiesta baby shower of your dreams!

best Cinco de Mayo baby shower ideas

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