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Over 30 Icebox Cake Recipes

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Summertime is the right time to make an icebox cake! What’s an icebox cake, you ask? Well, it’s cake that you don’t have to bake!

And in the summer, when the kitchen is already hot, you can get a cake without ever using your oven by making these delicious icebox cake recipes! There are cakes and cookies in here and a few that require just a tad of cooking, but are wonderfully delicious served cold!

If you’re in the mood for more hot-weather treats, try these DIY Snow Cones!

Over 30 Icebox Cake Recipes

Over 30 Icebox Cake Recipes:

1. This classic Strawberry Jello Poke Cake takes me back to my childhood. I think I saw one of these at almost every family gathering!

2. These Toasted Coconut Orange Icebox Cookies look amazing for a dinner party!

3. My kids would go crazy for this Frozen Oreo Pudding Cake!

4. This No-Bake Triple Layer Ice Cream Cake is a surefire summer hit!

5. Mmm….Chocolate Ice Box Cake sounds great, especially on a day as hot as today!

6. I’ve never heard of making a banana split into a cake, but this Banana Split Icebox Cake looks like a good one to try!

7. Make your cool dessert extra classy with this lovely Raspberry Lemon Curd Ice Box Cake!

8. These No-Bake Peaches and Cream Bars would be delicious for a barbecue!

9. Okay. This Easy Strawberry Refrigerator Cake isn’t actually no-bake. But it’s such a yummy treat that I put it in away. Plus, it’s served chilled!

10. This Caramel Icebox Cake looks so good and I can imagine that if you, say, topped it with ice cream, it’d be incredible!

11. I love the taste of lemon in dessert. So I am all for these Lemon Ice Box Cookies!

12. These little Mini Chocolate Peppermint Icebox Cakes are so cute! Plus, they make great finger food!

13. My mom’s banana pudding was pretty famous in our town. I think this Easy Banana Pudding Icebox Cake would be right up her alley!

14. Store-bought pound cake and vanilla pudding makes this Easy Vanilla Icebox Cake a snap!

15. I love cheesecake, but I do not love the prep work of making one. I’ll be making this No-Bake Icebox Berry Cheesecake for sure!

16. Love S’mores? Have them in a cake with this S’mores Ice Box Cake!

17. This Chocolate Peanut Butter Icebox Cake is basically Reese’s cups in a cake. Score!

Over 30 Recipes for Icebox Cake

18. When you’re making a classic icebox cake, why not add a classic cookie too with this Chocolate Chip Cookie Ice Box Cake!

19. Have fresh strawberries lying around? Use them in this No-Bake Strawberry Icebox Cake!

20. This Famous Chocolate Refrigerator Roll Cake is basically a giant Swiss Cake Roll. Made from scratch. Yum.

21. I would have never, ever though to use matzos in a dessert, but this Icebox Matzo Cake looks good!

22. Use crunchy cereal to make the coating on this Cereal and Chocolate Icebox Cake. Genius!

23. This layered Fruit Lasagna Frozen Ice Box Cake would be a gorgeous dessert at a summer party! Just don’t set it out until you’re ready to eat it…lol.

24. These Watermelon Ice Box Cookies are just too cute! Plus, they actually look like watermelon slices!

25. Did you know you can use graham crackers to make a cake? Try this easy-peasy Graham Cracker Icebox Cake with your kids!

26. I love Ferrero Rocher candies and Nutella and pretty much anything with chocolate and hazelnut. This Chocolate Hazelnut Icebox Cake looks so yummy!

27. Love Black Forest cake? Try this No-Bake Black Forest Icebox Cake made with just three ingredients!

28. Most icebox cakes feature one or maybe two flavors, but this Banana Chocolate Chip Shortbread Icebox Cake packs three into one dessert!

29. I’m planning to take my kids blueberry picking soon. Just in time to make this Berries ‘n’ Cream Icebox Cake!

30. Key Lime Pie is one of my very favorite desserts. This Key Lime Icebox Cake is going on my “no-bake” list!

31. I’m not a huge fan of butterscotch, but, oh my, does this Chocolate Butterscotch Icebox Cake look good. Might even make a believer out of me!

Resources for Icebox Cake Recipes:

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