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Hibernating Animals Activity Pack

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This Hibernating Animals Activity Pack is great for fun animal learning. Once the winter months are here, why not dive in and learn more with this fun hibernation theme?

There are so many fun animals in the winter to learn about and these printables help do just that! Check out our other Winter Animal Learning Activities!

Make sure to pair this up with my Animals in Winter {Hibernating Printable} for even more fun winter theme fun.

This is a great way for the kids to learn about hibernation. Add these printables to your lesson plans!

These free printables are fun to do and are great for starting the conversation with the kids about hibernation migration.

The colored printables are perfect for circle time and hands-on activities.

What is the learning benefit of this printable?

These hibernation activities for preschoolers are the perfect way to have fun learning about animals! Not only will it give them views of animals, but they’ll also be able to use their minds and work on fine motor skills at the same time.

What it includes:

This Hibernating Animals Activity Pack includes fun activities, printables, and colorful pages that the kids will love. There is also:

  • crossword puzzle
  • hibernation facts
  • what animals hibernate during the winter months
  • and more!



Fun ways to use this printable:

While it’s simple to just print and use these printables, don’t forget that you can do other things with this fun topic, too! Below are just a few fun ideas to think outside of the learning box.

Plan a trip to the science center

Once you learn about the animals that hibernate in the winter, make a plan to go to a science center or museum in town to learn more! There is always fun information to learn.

Make a bear cave at home

Just grab some sheets and make a fun bear cave for the kids. Have them use their imagination and pretend that they’re getting ready to hibernate for the winter months. This is a fun way to get them active and involved.

Create fun winter sensory bins

If you have fun winter animals, you can add them to a sensory bin and let the kids dig in. They can fill it full of winter colors, and winter textures and have a blast.

What animals hibernate during the winter months?

During certain seasons, certain animals enter a state of hibernation. This behavior is primarily observed during winter months and is used by animals as an adaptation to survive periods with low food supplies or extreme temperatures.

These animals include mammals such as brown and black bears, woodchucks, skunks, bats, marmots, and hedgehogs.

Additionally, some species of frogs and snakes are known to hibernate during cold weather, while turtles can even enter brumation to survive the winter season.

Hibernation helps conserve energy by significantly reducing an animal’s metabolic rate so they no longer need a continuous sustenance supply to keep its body functioning.

How long do animals hibernate?

Hibernation is a period of inactivity experienced by some species of animals, usually during the winter. Its primary purpose is to conserve energy and help an animal survive until conditions are more favorable.

Different species have different hibernation lengths; some endure months, while others only last days or weeks.

For example, brown bears can hibernate for up to seven months, while chipmunks usually hibernate for four-month periods.

Additionally, some species may enter a state of extended torpor instead of true hibernation; this state is characterized by lower body temperatures, slower metabolism and heart rate, and short periods of activity between dormant stretches.

While it may seem that the animal is “sleeping” for an extended period, its body is still working hard to preserve precious energy stores.

Why do animals hibernate?

Hibernation is an essential behavior exhibited by some animals that are used to adapt to seasonal changes. It typically occurs in colder weather, when food and resources are scarce, and enables animals to survive unfavorable temperatures and conditions.

Hibernation is key for the survival of many species, as creatures in hibernation use less energy than those active during winter months and can preserve fat reserves to maintain their body temperature.

Additionally, hibernating animals experience lowered metabolic and heart rates, which further contribute to their ability to go extended periods without sustenance or activity.

By entering a state of dormancy, animals may safely sustain themselves throughout the season.

Do all animals hibernate?

Contrary to popular belief, not all animals hibernate during the winter. Instead, some species use a method called torpor, which involves entering a state of decreased metabolism and body temperature.

This allows animals to conserve energy with minimal activity and no need for food. Hibernation is usually exclusive to mammals such as ground squirrels and bears; however, this process also occurs in reptiles such as some species of lizards and snakes.

Even insects like bees can experience bouts of torpor when the weather is cold, or their environment undergoes other changes.

Consequently, there is no one-size-fits-all answer when it comes to the question of whether or not all animals hibernate.

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