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December Baby Shower Ideas That Totally Rock

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Having a winter baby is so much fun! December opens up the door for a wide variety of baby shower ideas for your mom-to-be’s needs and wants! Snow…snowflakes…winter…sledding….Christmas….you name it, the options can truly be endless.

If your plan is to hold your baby shower in December, you are going to have one awesome shower to invite all your family and friends to!

Don’t stress too hard on wondering what you can do for your theme because here are some really great December Baby Shower Ideas to help you start planning for you!

baby shower ideas for december

December Baby Shower Ideas That Totally Rock

Let’s make this December baby shower one to remember!

If you’ve always dreamed of having a Winter Wonderland theme for your baby shower, December is the perfect month to make that happen. There are so many amazing winter-themed decorations that you could probably buy and buy if you really wanted to!

Don’t let your guests go thirsty at your baby shower. Giving them the gift of giant cups of delicious hot chocolate is always a great idea!

The kiddos are your December baby shower will want to stay busy as well, so it’s always a good idea to have a few crafts on hand for them to do. Who knew that playing with marshmallows could be so much fun? Be prepared by having extra marshmallows on hand because the little hands may grab and eat more than they want to create!

Always dreamed of having a baby shower when there is snow on the ground? Don’t wait for Mother Nature to take charge…make your own snow for your shower! It’s simple and will be a huge hit with your guests as well.

Remember those delicious Sno Ball treats that you grew up loving? Your December themed baby shower is the perfect time to recreate that delicious magic. Make them for your guests and watch them teleport back to their childhood as well. Seriously, these homemade Sno Balls are so good!

It’s almost expected to have some sort of baby shower game, so one that never tends to fail to please the crowd is Bingo! With your baby shower being in December, having a holiday-themed Bingo game sounds like a ton of fun! Let everyone play along no matter the age as it’s simple to do. For prizes, have little treats or goody bags to hand out for those lucky guests that get to yell “BINGO!”

If by chance, you happen to have snow during your December Baby Shower, why not let the little ones go outside and play? Bundle them up and see who can make the prettiest snow angels or the best snowman? After all, it’s almost as if they are helping to add a few natural decorations to the outside of your baby shower as well!

Last but not least, why not think about giving all your friends and family their own “gifts” for attending your December baby shower? It doesn’t have to be anything over the top, but just a little something to show them just how much you appreciate them being there for you and your bundle of joy. A little package of homemade chocolate chip cookies is the perfect way to send them on their way and gives them a great snack to eat on the car ride home.

perfect December Baby Shower ideas

Have so much fun planning your December themed baby shower! Incorporate the holidays, the weather, or even an end of the year celebration…

When dealing with the last month of the year, there are so many great options that you can use! Don’t limit yourself! Think big and then make it happen!

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