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Over 25 Puppy Chow Recipes

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Are you looking for some of the best puppy chow recipes? Who isn’t, right? If you’re craving even more sweetness, be sure to check out my Super Simple & Delicious Puppy Chow Recipes for even more amazing recipe ideas.

If you love to make your own muddy buddies, this huge list is full of some of the best dessert snack mix recipes ever. Get ready to chow down by the handful – there’s no shame!

Because when it comes to the perfect muddy buddies recipe, there is more than one way to find and eat perfection!

Can we all just agree that puppy chow is delicious? From the melting chocolate to the moment that you put it into the bag and shake it, there are so many tasty creations that are just waiting to explore. And the good part? Most can be made gluten free! It’s as simple as adding a few cups of powdered sugar to coat the cereal, and you’re well on your way to chowing down!

Some people call it reindeer chow. Some people call it muddies buddies – I just call it amazingly delicious!

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Why is it called puppy chow?

Mainly it’s because it reminds people of dog food – but…I can assure you that it doesn’t taste that way. I’d beg to differ that this chocolate Chex doesn’t look like anything but perfection.

When I make puppy chow, all I can see is the chocolate chips, peanut butter, and powdered sugar goodness sitting in a large bowl right in front of me!

How do I store puppy chow?

You need to be sure to store puppy chow in an airtight container or bag. Keeping the air away is key to keeping the puppy chow crispy and delicious.

As long as you have it sealed properly, you can store puppy chow at room temperature. I will say that storing it in the fridge does give a refreshing crunch in each bite!



Easy Puppy Chow Recipes

Once you pour on the chocolate to the moment that you stir in the creamy peanut butter (if you’re adding it), you just have to dig deep and be patient for the next 15 minutes so it gets to room temperature before you can dig in!

Here are some of the best puppy chow recipes with all the different added ingredients!

Delicious Puppy Chow Recipes

This huge list of puppy chow recipes will have everyone grabbing more!

Which of these crazy good muddy buddy recipes are you going to start with first? I think that you should just start from the top and work your way down! With so many delicious options, why not?!

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