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Over 25 Fried Food Dishes you need to try

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Of course there are so many different Fried Food Dishes you can make in your home, but are you trying new things? These Fried Food Dishes You Need To Try are my top choices.  As a Southern Girl (born and raised), I know all about some deep fried fat, as I like to call it. From side items to desserts or the main course, you can find all sorts of new things for you and your family to try. If you are hosting a party of some sort and are looking for great appetizers, try some of these Fried Food Dishes. They all look and sound delicious.

Over 25 Delicious Fried Food Dishes for Your Family to Enjoy

Over 25 Fried Food Dishes You Need To Try

This Pulled Pork BBQ Fried Wonton Recipe is very easy, and makes for a great party appetizer. This recipe was used with Farm Rich Smokehouse BBQ.

This Fried Plantains Recipe is from Ghana. If you are looking for a new recipe to try, this is it. This would make a great side dish for any recipe you make at home.

Pan Fried Potatoes are a 30 minute meal your family will love. I love potatoes! So this recipe is something I will have to try.

This Maori Fried Bread recipe looks delicious. This recipe is from New Zealand. If you drizzle golden syrup or honey on these biscuits, it makes them taste even more amazing.

These Fried Cheesecake Roll Ups look amazing. This would be the perfect dessert dish to serve for the Holidays or a party. They have a crunchy outer layer that adds a lot to the roll ups. Drizzle some strawberry syrup on top for an extra burst of flavor.

Fried Rice is a great side item that can go with just about anything. Fried rice is a great comfort food. It works with veggies, seafood, beef, eggs and more. You can’t go wrong with a fried rice recipe.

We all love donuts, whether we admit it or not. This Fried Cake Donuts recipe sounds and looks amazing. These may not be the healthiest choice, but they would sure taste great at breakfast with a glass of milk.

Fried Eggs are delicious. This recipe is perfect for breakfast and it is an easy one, so it would be great for those busy mornings we all have.

Pork Fried Rice is a great recipe for your picky eaters. There are about three ingredients in this simple recipe. This is such a great recipe, you won’t have any left overs.

Fried Pickles are a must for me. I am a huge fan of them. I could eat them any where any time. I love to dip mine in ranch. This specific recipe is made with sweet pickles. I have never tried the sweet fried pickles, but I wouldn’t mind trying it.

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You would obviously have to be a fan of zucchinis to like the Fried Zucchini Cakes, unless you like to try new things all of the time. The eggs, cheese and bisquick hide the taste of the zucchini, so if you have picky eaters, they will never know.

If you are a fish lover, you need to try Jamaican Fried Fish. It is a fried fish dish, with pickled vegetables. This specific recipe is made with Jamaican Snapper Fish.

Do you like squash? If so, you need to try this Fried Butternut Squash recipe. It is a very simple recipe that doesn’t take much time or money, and it is delicious.

Fried Green Tomatoes recipe is another great vegetable dish to try. If you have a garden, using your green tomatoes from it would make your recipe even better.

I love apples, so I am willing to try any apple dish. These Pan Fried Apples look very tasty. They are not battered dip, so you may not want to say they are fried, but they are.

Of course we all love Fried Chicken Tenders, I mean who doesn’t? This recipe is really easy and a great one your kiddos will love. Instead of store bought chicken fingers, make your own. This recipe is used with Kraft Mayo.

Pan Fried Bananas sound amazing. Bananas are another great food I enjoy. This yummy dish is made with coconut oil! Your family is sure to love these as a dessert.

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Like I mentioned before, I am a huge fan of fried pickles. Oh my goodness, Pretzel Crusted Fried Pickles. I bet this is one recipe I need to try for sure. The crunchiness of the pretzels has to make these taste even better. These would make a great side dish for a pulled pork dinner.

Fried Mozzarella Cheese Balls are sure to be a huge hit in your home. They are breaded and fried cheese cubes, with a zesty pizza dipping sauce. They look and sound amazing.

Are your little ones big fans of Peanut Butter and Jelly? Try something new for them by making Fried PBJ sandwiches. This is said to be delicious, and I am sure would taste great with some milk.

This Chicken Fried Steak Fingers recipe has hot sauce on it as well, giving it that spicy, tangy flavor it needs. Of course you don’t have to use the hot sauce, but it adds just enough flavor needed.

This recipe is a must try. The Bunless Burger with Fried Carrots. I can imagine fried carrots taste a lot better than you would think. It must give the burger that extra taste it needs.

Deep Fried Kool-Aid, sounds crazy right? The trick to this recipe is to make little raviolis out of fruit roll ups and inject the kool aid into them. After you fry them, you have a fluffy, sweet, warm and gooey pocket.

French Fried Onions are a great side dish recipe as well. Of course they are pretty much onion rings, that is fine with me. We love onion rings around here, so this is a recipe must try.

Fried Egg Biscuits take only a little bit of time to make. This recipe is extremely easy and the kids will enjoy helping out with this dish.

I have been to restaurants where they sell fried ice cream and I think it tastes great. This Fried Ice Cream Sundaes recipe is an easy one. It makes your sundae a little more fun, and adds more taste.

Country Fried Steak with Gravy is the perfect homemade country recipe. This is a simple recipe and is so delicious. I have had it many of times.

My Fried Food Must Have Picks:

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  3. Crisco Pure Vegetable Oil, 32 Fl Oz

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