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Over 20 Ways to Top Steak Fries

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I cannot count the number of times I’ve made steak fries over the years. My family LOVES them. The kids, of course, eat french fries whenever they can anyway. But there’s something about homemade steak fries that just sets them apart.

I like to make my steak fries a little on the thick side, so that they’re hearty and filling, especially for hungry tummies. But you can add even more “oomph” to your fries by topping them with seasoning, dips, and even pizza! Try these ways to top steak fries to turn your side dish into the star of the meal!

And if you want to serve your steak fries with burgers, check out my recipe for the Best Ever Easy Hamburger Patties!

Over 20 Ways to Top Steak Fries

Over 20 Ways to Top Steak Fries:

1. Of course, the best way to cook steak fries is to make them in the oven. Start by making this classic Oven Steak Fries recipe!

2. For a simple topping, whip up this DIY French Fry Seasoning that’s made with plenty of spices!

3. Want a light taste? Try these Oven-Baked Fries, which are sprinkled with just olive oil and kosher salt!

4. If you love chicken wings, these Buffalo Blue Cheese Fries topped with Blue Cheese and Buffalo sauce are a must-make!

5. I’ve seen people stick fries in their cheesesteak sandwiches before. I’d love to make this Philly Cheesesteak Dip as a steak fry topping!

6. Make a lighter ranch sauce with this Greek Yogurt Ranch Dip and serve it with your fries!

7. Cowboys are known for the size of their appetites, but you can call me a cowboy too because these Cowboy Fries topped with refried beans, cheese, sour cream, and jalapenos look ah-mazing!

8. This homemade Avocado Dill Sauce would be excellent with steak fries!

9. Make some Classic Fries sprinkled with garlic powder and dried basil!

10. Swap out white potatoes for sweet potatoes and try these Maple Sweet Potato Home Fries, which are cooked with sliced onion and drizzled with syrup!

11. Okay. Topping fries with cheese and pepperoni might sound like a bit much, but these Cheese Pizza Fries look so good I’m willing to try it anyway!

12. These Loaded Broccoli Cheese Fries are such a great idea! After all, we eat broccoli and cheese over baked potatoes, right?

More Than 20 Ways to Top Steak Fries

13. I love the idea of using squash to make Butternut Squash Fries! These would be delicious with cinnamon sugar!

14. And speaking of cinnamon, try these Cinnamon Sweet Potato Fries while you’re at it!

15. Let’s face it. Chili cheese fries are NOT healthy. But these light Skinny Skillet Chili Cheese Fries are a nice compromise!

16. In a hurry to top your steak fries? Try this DIY Campfire Sauce made with two ingredients!

17. Bake these easy Parmesan Garlic Fries and serve them with spiced ketchup!

18. Cooking your steak fries in Garlic Butter sounds absolutely heavenly.

19. I’ve never thought to make steak fries with polenta, but these Polenta Fries with Marinara sound delicious. And marinara sauce is a perfect topping for steak fries!

20. This Spicy Honey Mustard Dip is a good match for sweet potato fries or classic steak fries!

21. Turning pumpkin into fries is a genius idea. This recipe for Pumpkin Fries with Buffalo Aioli looks really, really good.

22. If you want your steak fries to be the main course, make this loaded Mexican Chicken Sweet Potato Fries topped with chicken strips, corn, and a homemade Garlic Avocado sauce!

23. And for a new twist on steak fries, make these Greek Fries, which are basically a pita on potatoes!

Try these ways to top steak fries to turn your side dish into the star of the meal!


Resources for Making Steak Fries:

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