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Over 15 Mini Dessert Recipes

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This Holiday Season, do things a bit differently!  Instead of creating a pretty cake or pie, create mini dessert recipes and wow your crowd!  From mini cupcakes to brownie bites and from puddings to pies, these little desserts are the perfect way to avoid washing a ton of dishes and to create a bunch of different desserts to satisfy anyone’s sweet tooth!

Mini Dessert Recipes

Mini Dessert Recipes:

My brother would love these adorable mini key lime pies for sure!

My Cookie Kisses and Cookie Cups are always requested.  Super simple and excellently delicious, I don’t mind making them all the time. LOL!

Oh My!  This looks so very yummy!  I mean, who wouldn’t want Mini Pumpkin Bread Smore Truffles??

After eating so much that you think you need a nap, you should have a Mocha Caramel Macchiato Shooter to pick you back up!

Aren’t these Mini Caramel Apples adorable?  Plus, if you are like me a full-sized caramel apple is just too much sweet at one time.

Not sure how it is in your house, but in my house, my kids will come up with any excuse possible for some Smores!  This is why these Mini SMores Pie Desserts are the perfect recipe to keep tucked into my file!

Maybe you prefer a Mini SMores Cheesecake?  Seriously, they are all very good. 🙂

Yes Please!  These Peanut Butter Mini Bundt Cakes sound perfect for me!  I kind of have an addiction to peanut butter flavored sweets – I mean really, who doesn’t? 🙂

I just love how pretty these Mini OREO Cheesecakes are, don’t you?

These bite-sized Mint OREO Cookie Balls are definitely a crowd pleaser – try some, you will agree!

If you think it isn’t a Holiday without someone making a Pumpkin Pie, but you find that only a handful of people actually LIKE Pumpkin Pie, then you certainly need to make these adorable Mini Pumpkin Pies for your next event!

Ok, I am in LOVE!  I seriously want to have a Circus-Themed Party now so that I have an excuse to make these Circus Popcorn Cupcakes – yes, Popcorn Cupcakes!

I would have to say these Chai Latte Mini Cupcakes are certainly a Women’s dessert!  What do you think?

Can’t get enough Key Lime?  These Key Lime Stuffed Key Lime Cupcakes are sure to help you!

Cheesecake Minis – Have it your way!  The whole Ice Cream Social thing has been pretty big at parties, but what about a Cheesecake Social?  Make these sweet mini cheesecakes and set up a toppings bar for your guests to put their own spin on a traditional cheesecake!

Ooooh, I seriously want these Strawberry Topped Ice Cream Pies!

Resources for Mini Dessert Recipes:

Chicago Metallic Mini Cheesecake Pan 12 Cavity, 13.90-Inch by 10.60-Inch (2-Inch by 1.6-Inch Cavities)

Wilton Recipe Right 24 Cup Mini Muffin Pan

Mini Square 1.75oz Tasting/Sample Glasses 40 Per Pack

Nordic Ware 52822 12-Cavity Bundt Cupcake Pan, Mini, Colors Vary

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