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Iowa Crafts for Kids

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Ready to learn about the state of Iowa with the kids? These Iowa crafts for kids are a perfect way to add some arts and crafts into your geography lesson!

Iowa is one of the midwestern states, which means that it’s home to plenty of farmland. But Iowa has a rich history as part of the U.S. Several United States presidents have lived in Iowa, along with many professional athletes, musicians, and movie stars. In addition, Iowa’s heartland has been the inspiration for many classic American songs over the years.

Want to give the kids a look at a real farm? Try some of these fun tractor movies for kids to watch!

Iowa Crafts for Kids

Iowa Crafts for Kids:

1. Iowa’s state flower is the wild rose. Your kids will love baking (and eating) this lovely Rose Cookies!

2. The bur oak tree is the state tree of Iowa. And as we all know, oak trees have acorns. Make this sweet Handprint Acorn Craft with your kids this fall!

3. One of Iowa’s biggest agricultural industries is hog farming. Learn about these barnyard animals and then make this neat Pig Corner Bookmark!

4. Get to know some of the farms of Iowa and then make this adorable Footprint Tractor Craft to hang on the kids’ room wall!

Iowa Crafts to Make with Kids

5. The geode is the state rock of Iowa. If you’ve ever seen one of these rocks in real life, you know that they are absolutely gorgeous – once you crack them open. Help the kids make this DIY Crystal Geode and then crack it open to reveal the gems inside!

6. Corn is one of the state’s most important crops. Use some fresh corn to learn science with this easy Hopping Corn Science Activity!

7. Iowa is home to several minor league baseball teams. If you have a baseball fan in the family, share this easy Coffee Filter Baseball Craft!

8. Did you know that the famous cowboy Buffalo Bill Cody was born in Iowa? Share this adorable Gingerbread Cowboy Craft with the kids!

Iowa Crafts for Kids to Make

Have you made any fun Iowa crafts for kids with your family? Share your ideas in the comments!

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