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15 Disney Crafts and Activities for Kids

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Everyone is a Disney fan, whether you are young or older. These Disney Crafts and Activities for Kids are so cute, and are made from some of our favorite movies. Let your child create their own Disney crafts! Most are easy, but may need a little help from Mom or Dad.  Crafts help kids improve their artistic eye as well as fine motor skills.

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15 Disney Crafts and Activities for Kids

I am sure we have all seen the new Disney Descendants Movie and loved it. Let your child create the Disney Descendants Character Bracelets. Using the characters color schemes they can create their favorite characters bracelet.

Using a few supplies you probably have at home, create Cars 2 Tire Track T-shirts. These are super easy and would be great for a cars themed birthday party!

This Mickey Mouse on Light Table Craft is super neat. Using laminated cello sheets, and a few other goodies, your child can play with mickey and create their own design. This is also great for helping your child learn math and their alphabet letters.

The Lightning McQueen Cardboard Car is a bit harder and of course will need your assistance. Your child can have their own McQueen Car to play with!

Finding Nemo Water Play is a fun idea. Using your finding Nemo toys you have at home, your child can create their own ocean with their friends while learning colors as they are playing.

This Captain America Shield Printable is a free printable. After you print it out, let your little artist color it the way they desire. A great idea is to then glue the colored shield on to a Frisbee, so they have an actual hard shield.

DIY Mickey Mouse Ears are cute and easy for you to make and your child to help. Using felt, glue and a headband, your child can have their own Mickey ears to play pretend in.

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Princess Dot Marker Pages are a great activity for kids. It is a free printable of course. Using dot markers, they can make each princess have what ever color dress they prefer.

Our favorite princess of all time, Cinderella, has her own printable activity. The Cinderella Printable Activity features games as well as coloring pages for your little princess.

Monster University Card Game Printable is a matching game of the characters in the movie. Let your child and their friends figure out which two pictures match!

Using felt paper, your child can create the Inside Out Felt Characters. After you cut the pieces of the characters out, your child can match which thing goes to which character.

Doc McStuffins Pretend Play Printables are perfect for your little Doctor. These printables let your child feel like they have their own patients or stuffed friends, to take care of.

This Frozen Clean Mud is pretty, and very neat. Using toilet paper, soap, and a few other products, your little princess can have her own sparkling Frozen Mud to play with.

Let your little ones create their own minions from toilet rolls. The Minions Toilet Roll Craft is easy, but will need your assistance on it. These little minions turn out so cute, and your child can play their own game after they are finished.

Big Hero 6 Paper Plate Baymax is very easy. Using paper plates, paint, scissors and glue, your little one can create their own Baymax character. This turns out so cute!

More Disney Crafts and Activities:

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