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Henri Matisse Activities for Kids

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The great thing about learning about artists and their creative art in the past is that it helps kids to want to be creative now, too. This means that they’ll love learning about artists while trying to find a way to showcase their own beautiful works of art, too.

Below you’ll find art projects and books that are all about Matisse. They’ll be able to learn how to create like him and also then read about his life and works of art, too.

over 15 artistic activities to help children learn about Henri Matisse

These are great art projects for kids and are a fun way to introduce the art of Henri-Emile Matisse to them, too.

Matisse was born in 1869 and actually studied to be a lawyer for several years of his life. When he returned to Paris for his love of art, he began learning others and also having exhibited at the Salon de la Société Nationale des Beaux-Arts.

Even as he aged in life, he still focused on his art and new and creative ways to be able to express himself through his artwork as well.

What was Henri Matisse’s art style?

Since he was a French painter, he used a lot of color in his works of art. He liked to create but was mainly known to be primarily a painter. His style of art was super important for the visual arts as it brought about change in painting style as well.

He also was grouped with the movement known as fauvism which was described as “wild beast” in French. He was very forward-thinking in the way that he was creative with his use of shapes and colors.

Why is Henri Matisse so important?

This French painted changed the world of art. Through the use of organic shapes and colors, he quickly became one of the most important artists of the 20th century.

Some of the most famous Matisse art projects are Red Studio and Women in a Hat. He has many more and many are still regarded as some of the best works of art to this day.

He showed his talent as a sculptor but is known primarily for his use of colors and shapes. This is what made him unique and made him quite famous as well.

over 15 Henri Matisse activities for children

As you can tell, he was a man that many people were intrigued by. His mind was creative and he wasn’t scared to try new things that hadn’t been done or introduced yet. His works of art helped to pave a path to the world of art that we know today.

Henri-Emile Matisse Activities and Resources

These fun activities will teach the kids all about the works of art of Matisse.

When it comes to choosing from these great art activities, which one are you going to have your little art student do first?

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