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Famous South Dakota Recipes

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Famous South Dakota Recipes include hot beef sandwiches, Indian tacos, kolaches, lefse, rhubarb pie, kuchen, and pasties. These popular recipes will remind you of the best part of being in South Dakota. 

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South Dakota is known for Mt Rushmore, the Black Hills, the notorious train robber, Calamity Jane, Native American reservations, and fields of buffalo. 

These ten food categories include three recipes from notable professional chefs and home chefs, with the recipe testing and dish development done for you. All you need to do is enjoy the wonderful combinations that make these dishes uniquely South Dakota.


Hot Beef Sandwich 

This tasty open-faced sandwich is made with a slice of toasted bread on a plate, slow-cooked and shredded beef on top, and savory gravy.  

Indian Tacos 

Fry bread is topped with seasoned ground beef, diced tomatoes, shredded lettuce, and cheddar. These are perfect for lunch or dinner.


These round pastries are made with sweetened yeast dough and filled with fresh fruit. They are a delicious snack, dessert, or breakfast.


These traditional Norweigan potato bread are thin and look like tortillas. They are topped with butter, sugar, cinnamon, or fruit.   

Rhubarb Pie 

Rhubarb is a vegetable that can’t be eaten raw and has a tart flavor. It’s delicious with other, sweeter fruit and baked in pies and is a famous South Dakota recipe. 




Kuchen means “cake” in German. This dessert is made with various fruits, brown sugar, butter, and flour.  


This famous British dish is made by filling pastry dough with cubed beef, potatoes, rutabaga, and onions and then baked until golden brown. 

Fry Bread 

This bread is a traditional Native American dish made by frying pieces of flat dough. The result is a savory and chewy bread that can be topped with meat or vegetables.  

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Fish and Chips 

Fried strips of flaky white cod or walleye fish are served with thick-cut french fries. This famous British dish is popular all over South Dakota.  


These German rolls are made with dough stuffed with ground beef and cabbage and then baked into little balls. They are a delicious appetizer or handheld dinner.  

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