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Easy Faux Champagne Recipe

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The kids are going to love this Easy Faux Champagne Recipe! Just two simple ingredients are all that you need to make this Champagne mocktail recipe. This would be a great drink recipe for a baby shower or even for the kids to celebrate New Year’s Eve!

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The kids are going to love having their own drink recipe that they can cheer right along with you!

Since you just need two ingredients to make this recipe, it’s going to be ready before you know it! Find out how simple it is by checking out the whole printable recipe down below.

Easy Faux Champagne Recipe

This is one of those drink recipes that the kids can even make totally on their own. It’s fun to have for dinner parties or as a “fancy” drink option for the kids!

My boys loved when I made this when they were younger because it’s bubbly and fizzy and delicious. They also had a blast cheering the classes, too!

What would be a reason to have faux champagne?

This recipe is great to have on hand for all ages to drink and celebrate! Why limit it to just the adults having their own drink when this is such a simple recipe to do?

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Can you use other types of juice for this drink recipe?

As long as you use a juice that is carbonated, it should be fine! Apple juice and pineapple juice are both great options that are tasty, too! Since this recipe uses white grape juice concentrate, anything that is similar to that will be fine.

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Easy Faux Champagne Recipe

Easy Faux Champagne Recipe

Prep Time: 2 minutes
Total Time: 2 minutes

Just two simple ingredients are all you'll need!


  • 1 2-liter bottle of ginger ale
  • 4 cups of white grape juice


Mix the ingredients together in a pitcher and chill before serving.

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