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Easy Faux Champagne Recipe

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The kids are going to love this Easy Faux Champagne Recipe! Just two simple ingredients are all that you need to make this Champagne mocktail recipe. This would be a great drink recipe for a baby shower or even for the kids to celebrate New Year’s Eve!

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The kids are going to love having their own drink recipe that they can cheer right along with you!

Since you just need two ingredients to make this recipe, it’s going to be ready before you know it! Find out how simple it is by checking out the whole printable recipe down below.

Easy Faux Champagne Recipe

This is one of those drink recipes that the kids can even make totally on their own. It’s fun to have for dinner parties or as a “fancy” drink option for the kids!

My boys loved when I made this when they were younger because it’s bubbly and fizzy and delicious. They also had a blast cheering the classes, too!

What would be a reason to have faux champagne?

This recipe is great to have on hand for all ages to drink and celebrate! Why limit it to just the adults having their own drink when this is such a simple recipe to do?

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Can you use other types of juice for this drink recipe?

As long as you use a juice that is carbonated, it should be fine! Apple juice and pineapple juice are both great options that are tasty, too! Since this recipe uses white grape juice concentrate, anything that is similar to that will be fine.

What are fun reasons to celebrate with faux champagne?

Celebrating with faux champagne can be an incredibly enjoyable experience – not just because of the non-alcoholic nature of the beverage but also due to its versatility and affordability.

Fake champagne is an excellent option for celebrations that involve people of all ages, such as milestone birthdays, baby showers, or graduations – providing a safe alternative that caters to everyone’s preferences.

It is also much cheaper than traditional champagne, and you don’t have to worry about ordering too much or having too many drinks left over after the celebration.

With its sparkling texture and sweet taste, faux champagne can make any gathering feel festive without breaking the bank.

What are some fun garnish options for faux champagne?

Faux champagne is an enjoyable alternative to alcoholic beverages that still offers a festive and celebratory twist. To further enhance your faux champagne, there is a range of delicious garnishes to explore.

One idea is to create a beautiful rainbow with flavored syrups poured along the glass edge, so they cascade down into the liquid below, providing color and taste.

You can even try making homemade creamsicles or popsicles with orange juice and vanilla ice cream and using them as colorful garnishes; these will add exciting flavors and keep your drink cool long after it’s been poured.

If you prefer something more classic, consider adding edible pieces of fresh fruit such as raspberries or strawberries or sugared fruit such as oranges or pears.

Whatever you choose, having fun garnishes is sure to make the faux champagne experience unforgettable.

Can I serve faux champagne in something other than a champagne glass?

Serving champagne in a flute conveys the celebratory spirit of the drink, but there are other appropriate options when champagne cannot be used.

A coupette or martini glass can also work for faux champagne; the broad rim of these glasses will provide plenty of surface area for bubbles to form and complement its unique flavor. It is important to remember that creative options can also suit sophisticated occasions as long as they are presented properly with balanced flavors.

Experimenting with various glassware shapes and sizes can make a presentation more visually appealing and surprisingly enhance each sip’s tasting experience.

Is faux champagne similar to a mocktail?

Faux champagne is a non-alcoholic alternative to traditional bubbly champagne. Unlike mocktails which contain soda, fruit juices, and even spices and herbs, faux champagne typically uses sparkling cider in place of the alcohol content found in the alcoholic version.

Although there are some variations available on the market, most faux champagnes lack an artificial flavor that many mocktails use to replicate more traditional beverages without the presence of alcohol.

Thus, while both products can provide a lower-calorie substitute for carbonated drinks with an alcohol content, taste, and texture wise, they offer very different experiences.

What ages can drink champagne without alcohol?

It is uncommon to think of a person under the legal drinking age consuming champagne without alcohol, but it can be done.

Non-alcoholic champagne has become increasingly more popular as an alternative to its conventional counterpart, allowing any age to enjoy the same bubbly experience.

Without the alcoholic content traditionally found in champagne, it becomes a much safer and enjoyable drink for people of all ages – those who are underage included.

The non-alcoholic version of the drink allows young individuals to join the festivities and make toasts to essential occasions without the negative effects of alcoholic beverages.

With non-alcoholic champagne, anyone can celebrate events with friends and family indulging in a classic beverage at any age.

Does fake champagne taste like real champagne?

To answer the question of whether or not fake champagne tastes like real champagne, the answer is usually no.

Fake champagne is usually made from non-vintage grape juices or similar liquids like apple cider fermented with sugar.

In contrast, real champagne is made from grapes grown in a particular region of France and utilizes an expensive production method when producing it that affects its distinctive taste.

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Easy Faux Champagne Recipe

Easy Faux Champagne Recipe

Prep Time: 2 minutes
Total Time: 2 minutes

Just two simple ingredients are all you'll need!


  • 1 2-liter bottle of ginger ale
  • 4 cups of white grape juice


Mix the ingredients together in a pitcher and chill before serving.

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