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Homemade Iced Tea Recipes

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It’s summertime, which means it is the perfect time for a cool, refreshing glass of homemade iced tea. Since it’s so easy to just pick up a bottle or a jug from the store, why bother to brew homemade tea instead of bringing home the bottled stuff?

When you make tea at home, you can control the amount of sweetener you add. Did you know the average American is now consuming an extra 400 calories a day in drinks? There are so many delicious flavors of tea, it is fun to experiment and find what you like – even without any added sweetener!

If you’re itching to try some new drinks, start with these delicious homemade iced tea recipes! There are fruit teas, mint teas, and even old-fashioned sweet tea recipes that you’ll love! For another refreshing drink that’s perfect for summer, try this recipe for Cranberry Mocktails!

Homemade Iced Tea Recipes

Homemade Iced Tea Recipes: 

1. Jazz up some pre-made iced tea to make this delicious Bumbleberry Tea!

2. Serve this refreshing Cucumber Mint Iced Tea with appetizers!

3. I love mangoes. They’re just delicious and juicy and perfect. This Mango Iced Tea would be awesome for a barbecue!

4. The kids will love this Strawberry Lemonade Iced Tea! I bet you can’t make an entire pitcher last one day!

5. This lightly sweetened Honey Rhubarb Iced Tea is a perfect beverage for brunch!

6. And speaking of light, this Lemongrass Iced Tea sounds amazing! Not too heavy, so you can drink a glass or two…or three!

7. Try serving a glass of this Blueberry Mint Iced Tea along with sponge cake!

8. This Sweet Cherry Iced Tea is the perfect after-lunch drink. Take a glass outside to relax in a rocking chair!

9. Add some fresh flowers as garnish on a pitcher of this Hibiscus Iced Tea for a lovely centerpiece!

10. Put a little “spring” in your tea with this Mango Mint Iced Tea!

11. Get a taste of fruit in your drink with this recipe for Citrus Iced Tea!

12. I love peppermint tea but I’ve never had it cold! I can’t wait to try this Old-Fashioned Cold Peppermint Tea!

13. This Cranberry Iced Tea is a great idea for people who love cranberry juice!

14. Have the sweetness of watermelon and the freshness of mint in one glass with this Watermelon Mint Iced Tea!

15. And here’s another melon tea that we love: Watermelon Refresher Tea!

Homemade Iced Tea Recipes to Try

16. Love the classic taste of tea? Try this recipe for Sweet Iced Tea that goes with anything!

17. Peaches are in season during summer, which means it’s a great time of year to make your own Peach Iced Tea!

18. Use fresh herbs in a pitcher of homemade Lavender Iced Tea!

19. Remember sun tea? Make your own with this Sun-Brewed Iced Tea!

20. Mix up two favorite fruits with this Strawberry and Blueberry Iced Tea!

21. Serve an ice cold glass of this Citrus Mint Iced Tea as a quick afternoon pick-me-up!

22. This fruity Razzle Dazzle Berry Tea is a surefire crowd-pleaser! Try making several pitchers for a party!

23. This light Ginger Lemon Tea Chiller is a nice drink to serve with fish or tossed salad!

24. Get a taste of sweet and spicy with this Peach Basil Iced Tea!

25. This Lavender Honey Peach Iced Tea combines several flavors into one refreshing recipe!

26. Make a pitcher of this Southern Sweet Iced Tea to serve with barbecue chicken and potato salad!

27. Pick up some fresh blackberries for this Blackberry Iced Tea!

28. Mix up your favorite iced tea recipe and put together a Summer Iced Tea Bar that guests can use to fix their drinks their way!

Homemade Iced Tea Recipes

Homemade Iced Tea Recipes and Resources:

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