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Week Six: Third Grade Spelling Curriculum

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This list of 15 Third Grade Spelling Curriculum: Week Six words will help your children improve their spelling accuracy and can even expand their vocabulary!  With silent letters and apostrophes, this week’s spelling list could be a bit tricky!  Be sure to work in practice this week to help your child master these 15 spelling words!

Grade Three Spelling Curriculum Week Six

Third Grade Spelling Curriculum: Week 6 Word List

  1. cried
  2. dried
  3. milk
  4. let’s
  5. while
  6. known
  7. knife
  8. knock
  9. wrong
  10. knot
  11. wrinkle
  12. wrap
  13. wrist
  14. knee
  15. product

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Thursday 19th of November 2015

How did you come up with the lists? Do you have a rule that you learn each week and the lists go along with the rule? That is what I am looking for and I can not believe how difficult it is to find something like that. I want my daughter to understand the rule and see all the words that follow it so the connection is made. I know i do not know all the rules also . Thanks