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Free Spelling Worksheet Makers and Activities

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I have always loved words, and spelling for me was one of the easiest subjects to teach. Spelling can be stressful and frustrating, or it can be fun and exciting. I like it to be the latter. That’s why I love hands-on, simple but challenging spelling worksheets.

This list of free spelling worksheet makers and activities has many different spelling ideas, including sight word spelling, word building, online spelling test generators, and more! I think you will find them very handy for your next spelling lesson.

Add even more language arts practice with these fun ways to practice spelling with your kids!

Free Spelling Worksheet Makers

Free Spelling Worksheet Makers and Printables:

1. Try this Simple Spelling Worksheet Maker to give your kids weekly spelling practice!

2. Looking for hands-on and easy activities for your preschooler? Try this Free Short Vowel Worksheets Stamp & Spell.

3. If your kids love Frozen, then these Free Frozen Spelling Test Printables will be ideal for teaching them spelling!

4. Teach your child drawing and spelling with these Free Worksheets for oo Words!

5. Review the short i with these Free Short I Worksheets!

6. Grab your coffee mug and sit back and watch your little one do these Alphabet Letter Mazes with ease!

7. Do your kids love Connect 4? Include it in this Free Connect 4 Spelling Practice!

8. Your little kids will love this Read! Trace! Stamp! Write! activity right away!

9. Have your child unscramble the words with these fun FREE CVC Worksheets!

Free Spelling Worksheet Makers and Activities for Kids

10. Make test day fun day with these Free Spelling Test Printables!

11. This Spelling Puzzles Worksheet Maker lets you make your own spelling puzzles!

12. Do you use a spelling test with the kids each week? This handy Spelling Test Generator makes it simple to create your own!

13. Plug in your child’s spelling words to this Printable Spelling Practice Generator and print up practice sheets!

14. These adorable Free Penguins Spelling and Vocabulary Worksheets would be perfect for the wintertime!

15. Watch your preschooler have fun with these Free Roll & Write Spelling Worksheets!

16. Start your kids reading early with these Free Dolch Pre-Primer Sight Words Worksheets!

17. Learn about penguins and spelling at the same time using these Penguin Life Cycle Worksheets!

18. Teach spelling through games with this Climb the Ladder activity!

19. Use these Free Printable Read Build Write Mats in your next spelling lesson!

Free Spelling Worksheet Makers and Activities

Free Spelling Worksheet Makers and Activities:

Add these Amazon affiliate spelling worksheet makers and activities to your spelling toolbox!

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