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Three Little Kittens Preschool Activity

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We’ve been taking it pretty easy around here when it comes to homeschooling.  There’s just something about the summer that lends itself to lazy afternoons and out-and-about adventures.   We’ve still been checking out plenty of books from the library, and my preschooler took a special liking to the book “Three Little Kittens”.

As we were reading the book for the twelfth time, I realized this book lends itself so perfectly to a number of activities!  So we took a few days and really studied those three little kittens with a fun Three Little Kittens Preschool Activity!

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Three Little Kittens Preschool Activity

Three Little Kittens Preschool Activity:

To begin, we made our own mittens out of white construction paper. Start by drawing a simple mitten outline on white construction paper. Then cut out two for each child. The kids colored with markers and made some really colorful mittens!

In the story, the three little kittens lose their mittens and don’t know where to find them. So, after we made the mittens, we naturally had to “lose” our mittens.

I hid them all over the house and then the little “kittens” went off in search of their mittens. They had fun with their mitten scavenger hunt!

In keeping with the story, after we lost our mittens and found them, we had to wash them and hang them up to dry. I wish I would have thought ahead and made a pie, but alas, that will have to be an activity for another day!

Three Little Kittens Preschool Activity for Kids

We headed outside to wash our mittens. Of course, our paper mittens wouldn’t hold up very well to  washing, so we put socks on our hands pretended they were mittens.

We filled up some buckets with soapy water and the kids tossed their pretend “mittens” in for a quick wash. They absolutely loved “washing their mittens” and hanging them up to dry.  They washed and hung and then took them down and started all over again!

To hang them up, we just strung a rope in between two play houses in the backyard.  After the kids were done washing and drying their mittens, they decided to wash themselves up a bit too!

The Three Little Kittens Preschool Activity

Three Little Kittens Preschool Activity Resources:

This was such a fun and simple activity featuring the Three Little Kittens story! Add more of these affiliate resources from Amazon to your own Three Little Kittens Preschool Activity!

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