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How to Teach Spelling

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Teaching ELA includes several subjects: reading, writing, language arts, vocabulary, and spelling. But if you imagine spelling to require writing spelling words over and over again, think again! There are plenty of fun ways to introduce spelling concepts to your kids!

Today I’m sharing over 20 ideas for how to teach spelling, including spelling curriculum, printables, games, hands-on activities, and more! Plus, you’ll find helpful spelling resources to make teaching this subject a snap.

Want even more spelling tips? Don’t miss this list of over 15 free spelling games you can use with the kids!

How to Teach Spelling

How to Teach Spelling:

1. Do your sons have trouble with spelling? Try these fun ways to get some spelling practice help for boys!

2. This Climb the Ladder: A Printable Spelling Game for Any Word List is a fun and easy way to guide your kids through spelling!

3. Teach your children to spell short vowel words with these fun Short Vowel Word Printables!

4. What child doesn’t love hands-on schoolwork? Try this Spelling With Milk Cap Letters activity!

5. Get your elementary student spelling fluently with this free third grade spelling curriculum!

6. This Spelling with M&Ms activity is an easy way to teach spelling and satisfy your child’s sweet tooth at the same time!

7. Even if your kids are not acquainted with Zootopia, these Free Zootopia Spelling Test Printables will be a really cool way to introduce them to this Disney movie!

8. These Build & Write Digraph Spelling Mats are a clear and easy way to help your children to sound out and spell words!

9. These Free Smurf Spelling Test Printables are so cute and fun that your little ones will probably even forget that they are testing their spelling!

10. This Bendy Stick Spelling Practice is a stick-y way to get your children to love spelling!

11. Make spelling into a game with these fun ways to practice spelling!

12. Connect 4 is a fun and simple game for kids. They’ll love this Free Connect 4 Spelling Practice!

13. Winter can be a drag; so can vocabulary! Lighten things up a bit with Free Penguins Spelling and Vocabulary Worksheets!

How to Teach Spelling at Home

14. Learn spelling and writing out numbers in math at the same time with this Hundred Board Spelling!

15. Do your children love Minecraft? If so, why not brighten up spelling with these Free Minecraft Spelling Worksheets!

16. Use these Word Sorts and Games For A Hands-On Lesson to turn spelling into a hands-on unit!

17. Learn how to pronounce the letter K with this Spelling the K Sound activity!

18. Read and analyze words with this Long A Spelling Patterns printable!

19. Help your kids get familiar with spelling their names in a colorful way by using this Name-On-A-Rainbow Spelling Activity!

20. Serve your kids spelling with a side of gumballs using this Free Gumball-Themed Spelling Activity!

21. Break down vowel spelling one chunk at a time with these Vowel Chunk Spelling Cards & Word Lists!

22. Cover your living room floor with simple spelling words by using this Simple Spelling Bee Activity!

23. Mix a little bit of spelling with play with these fun Spelling Activity Blocks!

24. This fun Winter Themed Spelling Game is a great way to teach spelling when you’re stuck inside!

25. If your children love LEGOS, then these Free Lego Spelling Test Printables will be an easy way to test their spelling!

How to Teach Spelling to Kids

How to Teach Spelling Resources:

These Amazon affiliate resources are great for learning how to teach spelling to your kids!

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Thursday 16th of July 2020

These ideas are so creative and so fun. Sometimes the best way to teach kids is through playtime, and this article proves it true. Thank you for sharing.


Tuesday 5th of June 2018

I read all ideas about spelling learning. Little kids are game friendly and they easily teach spelling by these fun games.