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Third Grade Spelling Curriculum: Week Two

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Learning to spell is a fading skill.  Everything has auto-correct these days, but children should still learn the spelling basics and to spell many words.  I think a spelling curriculum is very important to increasing the spelling skills of my child.  Unfortunately, I couldn’t find the Third Grade Spelling Curriculum that I wanted.  So, I had to build my own.  I am offering it to you for FREE, just for being a reader of my blog.

Grade Three Spelling Curriculum Week Two

Third Grade Spelling Curriculum: Week Two Word List

  1. between
  2. own
  3. base
  4. country
  5. plant
  6. slip
  7. lunch
  8. pond
  9. front
  10. thump
  11. inches
  12. yard
  13. stored
  14. motion
  15. expand

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Sharing is caring!


Tuesday 16th of February 2016

Thank you for these free printables. They're exactly what I needed for my son!