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Easy Crockpot Chicken Recipes for Working Moms

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Are you a busy mom? We all are, right?! Whether it’s taking the kids to school, dropping them off at practice, or trying to find the time to clean house, we all know how hectic it is to be a Mother. Being able to use my crockpot makes life easier!

That’s why I love these Easy Crockpot Chicken Recipes for Working Moms. They are simple, tasty, and hopefully less stressful for you. Anything that we can do to make dinnertime easier is a plus, right? I have so many other Crockpot Recipes for Chicken that you’re going to love!

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What I love most about these recipes is that I get to sit back and let the slow cooker take over and do all the hard work.

This means that the kids can help add the ingredients and then we can all relax and spend some quality time together while the recipe is cooking. 

Most of the recipes do not include more than 6-8 different ingredients, and most of them you already have at home.

There are also so many different things you can add to your crockpot dish to make it your own, or just to change it up to your family’s liking. It’s just that simple to do! 

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How do you store leftovers from the crockpot?

Since cooking in the crockpot creates quite a large amount, you’re more than likely going to have a little bit leftover.

This is good! You just have to add the leftovers to another container and keep it stored in the fridge.

You can even freeze some of the cooked meals and label them in the freezer for a simple way to meal plan down the road. 

Is it better to cook chicken on low or high in the crockpot?

If you’re wanting your chicken to be tender and juicy, low and slow is the best! Luckily, this is exactly what crockpot cooking does!

The slow cooking method does a great job of cooking the chicken and other ingredients to perfection making each bite flavorful, juicy, and awesome. 

 As you can see, there are so many great chicken slow cooker recipes on this list!

When you’re running short on time, you’re not going to want to miss out on any of these! They’re all so flavorful and unique and perfect for a hearty family meal. 

Which one of these easy crockpot chicken recipes are you planning on making first? 

Easy Crockpot Chicken Recipes for Working Moms

You're not going to want to miss out on these simple slow cooker chicken recipes. They're such an easy way to make a hearty comfort meal.

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Arlene @FlourOnMyFace

Tuesday 18th of August 2015


Great round up of crock pot recipes! Thanks for sharing my Crock Pot Chicken & Rice recipe!


Monday 17th of August 2015

Thanks! Sharing it out now, I'm always looking for more crockpot recipes! Orange chicken is a fav here too