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That’s a Wrap: Back to School Lunch Idea

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This Post is brought to you by Chrissy from The Taylor House.

Welcome back to our weekly Bento Lunch Recipe series.  Every week, we are sharing a new recipe idea for you to send with your children in their lunch box.  These are ideas other than the normal Peanut Butter and Jelly!  A lot of these are fun and unique recipes that will get your kids excited about taking their lunch to school each day.

With back to school right around the corner we are sharing some simple ideas to kick of the year.  Usually, the first few weeks of school roll by pretty easily when you are making lunch for your kids, so be sure to pin these ideas so that you have them when you are starting to struggle with ideas on meals to make.

Making a fun back to school lunch can be easy but still fun by adding some simple things like fun napkins, lunch box jokes or a fun treat as a dessert.  I hope you find some great tips while you are here!

Back to school Bento Lunch Recipe Instructions:

bento lunch recipe

Creating this back to school lunch is simple with a ham and cheese wrap, animal crackers and fruit:

  • Step One – Make your wrap using Ham, Cheese, Mayo and a tortilla
  • Step Two – Add your fruit (my boys love lots of fruit)
  • Step Three – Don’t forget a little treat for dessert!

Materials Used:

This is such an easy lunch idea, if you don’t have tortilla you can easily just make a sandwich on bread.

    • Tortilla
    • Ham
    • Cheese
    • Mayo
    • Fruit
    • Animal Crackers
    • Napkin
    • Spoon

My boys love taking wraps instead of sandwiches, they enjoy the variety.  You can make so many different wrap options by changing up the filling.

Back to school Resources:

You can find additional back to school resources listed below.

About the Author:

Chrissy Taylor is a wife, Mom, blogger and property manager. She and her husband of 15 years are raising two active boys in the Twin Cities area of Minnesota. Chrissy enjoys blogging about recipes, crafts, gifts and household tips.

You can connect with her at

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