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Saint Patrick’s Day Posts on 3 Boys and a Dog

Here you will find all the St Patrick’s Day related posts on my site!  Some great stuff here now and more coming soon! Scroll on down to see what all I have!

Saint Paddys Day Crafts, Recipes, DIY, and more

St Patrick’s Day Crafts & DIY

  1. How to Make a St Patrick’s Day Candy Bouquet
  2. Glittery Rainbow
  3. R is for Rainbows
  4. 40 St. Patrick’s Day Recipes, Crafts and Educational Projects

St Patrick’s Day Recipes

  1. St Patrick’s Day Mocktail Recipe
  2. Rainbow Fruit and Vegetable Plate
  3. Kiwi Chocolate Cups
  4. Holiday Recipe Link Up: St. Patrick’s Day

St Patrick’s Day Household Printables

  1. St Patrick’s Day Weekly Menu Planner

St Patrick’s Day Unit Studies and Printables

  1. Painting the Town Green
  2. 12 St Patrick’s Day Activities for Kids
  3. More St Patrick’s Day Activities
  4. Pinterest Love: Learn About St Patrick’s Day
  5. Free St Patrick’s Day Coloring Book
  6. Searching for Shamrocks
  7. To Catch a Leprechaun
  8. At the End of the Rainbow
  9. Saint Patrick’s Day Printables: C is for Clover
  10. Saint Patrick’s Day Printables: L is for Leprechaun
  11. Saint Patrick’s Day Printables: R is for Rainbow
  12. Saint Patrick’s Day Printables: Sight Word Rainbow Coloring Sheet
  13. Saint Patrick’s Day Printables: Preschool Handwriting Practice
  14. Saint Patrick’s Day Printables: Sight Words
  15. Saint Patrick’s Day Printables: Greater Than and Less Than
  16. Find the Letter: L is for Limerick
  17. Saint Patrick’s Day Books For Kids
  18. Saint Patrick’s Day, Lucky Bear Coloring Book

St Patrick’s Day Board on Pinterest

Saint Paddy's Day Goodies on Pinterest

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