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Glittery Rainbow {St. Patrick's Day}

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We’ve been in full St. Patrick’s Day mode this week.  Since we’ll be in the midst of a move during the actual holiday, I thought we better do our celebrating a bit early.  I picked up some great books from the library and we’ve been having fun with some coordinating activities.  The first book we looked at was:

The Leprechaun Who Lost His Rainbow

This a great tale of a little girl who sacrificed her favorite little flute in order to bring joy to her Uncle.  In the end, she was rewarded an even better flute by the little Leprechaun Roy G. Biv.  The book teaches the benefit of helping others and does a great job reviewing the colors of the rainbow.


For our coordinating activity, we made glittery rainbows.  Want to follow along?

What You Need:

  • Rainbow coloring page (I got mine here, but there are lots of choices online)
  • Crayons or paint
  • Glitter
  • Glue
  • Cotton balls (optional)

What You Do:

To begin, I quickly colored a page to show the kids “Rainbow Order” for the colors.  If you have older kids, I would point out that the leprechaun’s name “Roy G. Biv” coordinates with the Rainbow colors.   I passed out the appropriate colors and the kids got to work!

Coloring the Rainbow

After the rainbows were all colored, we got out the glitter and glue!

To begin, I used a glue stick and “glued in” the top bow on the rainbow.  Then, the I had each girl shake the appropriate color glitter over the glue.


The kids held onto the edges of the paper and shook until the glitter filled in the whole line.

Shaking the Rainbow

Then, I put glue in the next line/bow and we continued the process.  I was a little concerned that the colors would get mixed up as we glittered, but they seemed to stay where they were supposed to!


If you want a little extra fun for this activity, you could also glue cotton balls on the clouds.

Golden Rainbow

Of course, my 19 month old wanted in on this action, so I just let him go wild with the gold glitter.  🙂



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