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How to Make A St. Patrick’s Day Candy Bouquet

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How to make a candy bouquet

St Patrick’s Day Candy Bouquet

What is a candy bouquet? You may have seen one as a centerpiece at a party or received one for a special occasion but didn’t know what it was called. They’re bright, pretty, and fun to eat. A candy bouquet is really just a container of some sort, like a coffee mug or a bowl or flower planter, that holds sticks of candy upright. The candy is designed to look like individual flowers or colorful bars on single floral-like stems. It’s that simple. The candy itself will be secured to skewers or lollipop sticks so that they stand up straight to create amazing themed candy gifts for any occasion or holiday like St. Patrick’s Day. A candy bar bouquet is also a great idea if you need centerpieces for a St. Pat’s party.  There are many ways to make a candy bouquet. In fact, you can put your own personal spin on the bouquet by tailoring it to your recipient’s tastes. No two ever need be alike.

Choosing the Candy

Since you are designing a bouquet for St. Patrick’s Day, you should select your favorite candies that go with a green color scheme and the St. Paddy’s Day theme.  Really, any candy in a wrapper is fair game so consider bite-sized, fun-sized and even full size candy bars. Some favorites for this holiday are York peppermint patties and gold foil-covered chocolate coins.  For green wrappers, consider Wonka fun dips, sour Skittles, sour Jolly Ranchers, sour apple Bubblicious, Junior Mints, dark chocolate Ghirardelli squares, and some Mike & Ike boxes for the arrangement.  You can also mix in some candies that have neutral brown wrappers like Milky Way, Snickers, and plain M & M’s.

How to make a candy bouquet

Attaching the Sticks

Attaching The Candy To Sticks

Next, you’ll need to get some wooden skewers or long lollipop sticks (8 to 10″). You can find these at the craft or hardware store. Each piece of candy will need to be stuck to the stick in some fashion. Place the stick about half way up the back of the candy wrapper and then use clear packing tape to tape the stick to the wrapper.  If you are worried about the sticks showing, you can use a small piece of double-sided tape on top the packing tape where you can stick on some green crinkle shred.  Alternatively, you can add cute felt leaves to make each piece look like a flower on a stem. Just cut leaf shapes out of green felt or even green paper. Sprinkle the leaves with sparkles or glitter for an even more festive appearance. The stems will need to be wrapped with green tape. You can use floral tape or you can use green duct tape. Both are available at the hardware or craft supply store.

Arranging The Candy

When you’ve got all your candy sticks ready, you’re going to stick them into the container. When it comes to selecting a container, the options are really endless, but some of the most popular choices are Irish or St. Patrick’s Day coffee mugs, shamrock-covered gift boxes, green gift baskets, rainbow or leprechaun themed flower pots, vases and festive bowls.  Don’t rely on the container keeping everything standing up straight. You’ll want to use Styrofoam or floral foam so that they stay put. Cut the floral foam to fit snuggly inside the container so that it won’t tip from side to side once you’ve arranged the candy stems.  Then, stick the flower stems into the Styrofoam or floral foam and arrange so that they look like a bouquet. Keep in mind that you can cut the skewers with a wire cutter or scissors.  This will allow you to make candy tiers with stems on shorter sticks in the front and taller candy stems in the back of the container.  Tie a ribbon, add a bow around your container, or add a St. Patrick’s Day pick and you’ve got a beautiful candy bar bouquet. Fill the remaining space in the container with additional scattered candy, shred, or green colored tissue paper or cellophane to hide any skewers or sticks that might be showing.

To keep costs down if you are making centerpieces for a big party, buy your candy in bulk online and go to your local dollar store and hunt for mugs or other holders for your bouquets. You can also opt to have each one tied with ribbon into a hand-held bouquet. Then you can hand them out as candy party favors or put one at each place and you don’t need the mugs or any Styrofoam at all.

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JJ Smith has been an event planner for 10 years and a blog contributor at Holiday Gifts & Baskets  where she shares DIY seasonal craft tips, event planning advice, and St. Patrick’s gift ideas with blog readers.

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