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Painting the Town Green {St. Patrick’s Day}

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Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

We’ve been reading through our stack of St. Patrick’s Day books from the library.  It’s been fun thinking of coordinating activities and the kids have enjoyed learning all about a new holiday.    Today we read this book:

 A Fine St. Patrick's Day
A Fine St. Patrick’s Day

This book is about two towns who compete every St. Patrick’s Day in order to be the best decorated town.  This year, the town of Tralee has come up with a brilliant plan of painting the whole town green.  Just as they were in the middle of painting though, a little man visits and asks for help to save his cows.  The towns people abandon their work to help the man and his cows.  In return, the little Leprechaun turns the town green as the people sleep.   Like yesterday’s book, this story shows the benefit of helping others.

Green Town

The people awoke to find their town green!

Recently, I got a new sweeper and the cardboard that came in the packaging looked like a perfect little house or castle.  I’ve been trying to decide what to do with them and today seemed like a perfect day to bring them out and paint them green like the town!

If you don’t have little cardboard buildings, you could paint blocks or you could print off a coloring page of a town and paint the picture green.

Painting Blocks

You could also paint a green town on a window if you’re feeling really brave!

Here’s some shots of us painting:

Green Town

This is going to take awhile!!

Crazy Painter

Crazy Painter!

Green Town

Painting! Painting! Painting!

Some City Coloring Pages:

city coloring pages

Find this at Color Page

Aerial view of a town or urban development with the houses with property fences coloring page

Find this at On Coloring


More St. Patrick’s Day Resources:

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