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Saint Patrick’s Day Printable Activities

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The kids will love these Saint Patrick’s Day Printable Activities! Every page is loaded with all things green, luck, and learning! Celebrating St. Patty’s Day together is always fun with printables.

If you homeschool and are looking for fun learning activities, themed holiday printables are never a bad idea. They teach the kids independence and essential lessons along the way.

The kids will love having these printables to do on their own. You can print them in green coloring or black and white if you want to save on ink.

Just grab some green crayons or markers and let the kids color in all the pictures!

What is the learning benefit of this printable?

This is not an ordinary printable learning packet! Every page of this packet is focused on St. Patrick’s Day fun!

The pages flow together to keep learning cohesive, but each page also focuses on its learning aspect.

What it includes:

You will love all the pages that are included in this free printable! Why settle for anything less than a bundle like this?

With one click of the print button, you’ll have page after page of learning fun, such as:

  • Word search
  • ISpy
  • Counting
  • Roll and color
  • Tracing
  • Patterns
  • Alphabet

Every page is easy to use and follow, making it a fun experience for the kids instead of a stressful one.



Fun ways to use this printable:

While there are many pages to this printable, don’t stop there! I love to use packets like this as a launching point for other fun activities.

Here are a few ways that this printable can lead you into something else that is new and fun.

Make all the green treats

It’s no secret that the kids will want snacks to go along with their printables, right? If that is the case, make some fun treats!

You can make this Crazy Yummy Saint Patrick’s Day Puppy Chow Recipe with the kids in no time! Use the recipe as a fun way to work on their analytical and cooking skills!

Draw rainbows

Decorating the house for St. Patrick’s Day can be fun! Have the kids make and color rainbows, pots of gold, and anything else that they associate with the day.

You can then hang the pictures on the fridge, put them on the walls, tape them to the windows, and display them however you want.

Make a scavenger hunt

How many things inside the house can the kids find associated with St. Patrick’s Day? Challenge them to be observant and think about things so that they relate to the day.

They can shout the items out as they find them, write them down, bring them to you, or take a picture on the phone and show you.

What makes themed learning printables fun for the kids?

Themed learning printables can be an effective tool for sparking children’s interest in their studies.

An assortment of fun characters and interactive tasks combined with educational content helps create an immersive and entertaining atmosphere.

Such resources allow students the opportunity to interact with lessons in a different way than traditional methods, inspiring curiosity and exploration by providing hands-on activities that are engaging and enjoyable.

Furthermore, themed learning printables present accessible visuals that help children make sense of complicated ideas or complex topics; this allows the student to develop a better understanding of subjects without feeling overwhelmed.

What are simple crafts for kids for St. Patrick’s Day?

Celebrating St. Patrick’s Day with children is a beautiful way to help pass on the day’s traditions enjoyably.

There are several crafts that young ones can make that not only require minimal effort but also allow them to become more involved with the holiday festivities.

For example, paper shamrock chains, rainbow collages, and leprechaun hats crafted from construction paper can all be fun and easy crafts for kids.

Designing mazes using green tissue paper glued onto paper and creating sparkly rainbows using crayons and glitter glue are suitable projects for creatively instilling Irish pride.

All of these creative ideas or others provide an engaging opportunity to connect with St. Patrick’s Day while keeping the finished product simple.

More St. Patrick’s Day Activities for Kids:

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