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Yummy Chex Mix Recipes

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Are you looking for yummy Chex Mix recipes? These fun Chex mix recipes are made with so many fun flavors and taste. You’re certain to find unique chex mix recipes that are made using Chex cereal, onion powder, garlic powder, and more simple ingredients. Make certain to check out our puppy chow recipes and chex mix recipes!

Don’t forget about the white chocolate and peanut butter additions, too!

This list of snack mix recipes are perfect for game day or just a nice snack to have around the house. A lot of these recipes are going to be gluten free as well!

over 15 unique chex mix recipes

If you love the original Chex party mix, you’re going to love these other delicious flavors. Unique, tasty, and full of flavor! Add in some mixed nuts for a bit of extra crunch.

What are other names for sweet Chex mix recipes?

The most common names are puppy chow and muddy buddies. The original recipe was Chex mix and the sweetened versions have branched off and found a lot of success.

I tend to use a hybrid of them all and just say whatever name pops into my head first!



How do you cool Chex mix once cooled?

You’re going to lay the rice Chex out on paper towels to cool. (you can use wheat chex as well) Add some seasoning salt as it’s cooling.

Let the recipe cool down for a few moments of time because as it cools, it’s going to get crunchier as well.

Yummy Chex Mix Recipes

This list of Chex mix recipes are perfectly delicious. Unique and flavorful recipes!

This simple list of recipes are simple and easy to make! Make this just like recipe states or add in some other simple ingredients to change the flavor and taste.

serve any of these fun chex mix recipes for snack or dessert

Which one of these Chex mix recipes are you going to make first?

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