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Human Tongue Activities

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Are you looking for Human Tongue Activities for your child to learn all about the tongue? These tongue worksheets for kids are great for teaching the kids about the sense of taste. It’s no secret that I’m a fan of sweet tastes but there are so many parts of the tongue that give bitter tastes or make things taste salty, too. Check out our other free homeschooling resources!

Just when you thought that you were only used to tasting basic tastes, it’s time to put your taste receptors to the test! And if they want to dig deeper and learn more about the tongue, have them do more research about receptor cells and also the trigeminal nerve, too.

parts of the tongue and more worksheets

Use these worksheets as a fun addition to your lesson plan to teach the kids about the tongue and taste cells. (they’re so much more fun than having them watch PowerPoint presentations about this!)

Great worksheets to focus in on sensations of taste and chemical senses, too.

What is the purpose of this printable?

We know that our nose helps with our sense of smell but what exactly does the tongue do? The taste bud in the tongue does a great job of helping with smell and taste and also helps us love the taste of that sweet sour flavor!

This printable helps identify parts called papillae and also be able to identify what parts of the tongue can taste different flavors, too.

What it includes:

This tongue printable includes:

  • What is your tongue?
  • Pick and write the taste of the food items
  • Label and color the parts of the tongue
  • Parts of the tongue
  • Tongue twisters
  • Tongue maze
  • Tongue letter tracing
printable unit study worksheets for the human tongue

Fun ways to use this printable:

This printable about the tongue is already fun to do but here are a few other fun ways to add even more activities!

Have a taste test

Grab some sweet and sour foods and put your tongue to work. After you learn about the tongue and how it tastes, see if the kids can notice even more flavor.

Have a blind taste test

After you have a regular taste test, have a blind one and see if the tongue is strong enough to taste all the fun flavors!

Challenge the kids to create a fun recipe

Once the kids know how the tongue works, have them create a fun recipe to put their tongue and taste buds to the test!

sense of taste guide for multiple grades

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