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Yoga Gross Motor Cards

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These Yoga Gross Motor Cards are the best way to get kids moving! You can print animal yoga poses and let the kids use them to move their bodies! I have a ton of other great Boredom Buster Preschool Activities that will get them active and having fun!

This is a fun activity for little ones to act like animals while stretching and moving simultaneously. Plus, kids love to mimic animals, so they’ll love doing that, too!

Yoga is a great way to show kids that they can simultaneously move their bodies and be healthy and silly!

Use these printable yoga cards to let their sillies and wiggles work their way out of their bodies.

Why is yoga a good activity for kids?

Yoga offers many benefits to children, from improved physical strength and coordination to positive mental health outcomes.

Research has found that it encourages mindful awareness, regulation of emotions, and social connectedness for those practicing it.

Introducing yoga at an early age can equip children with the necessary skills to improve their self-regulation and resilience against stressors.

On a physical level, yoga can enhance musculoskeletal development while helping kids keep fit through gentle exercise.

Regular yoga practice can help prevent injuries that occur in other activities by building a solid foundation of balance and flexibility—as such, incorporating yoga into a child’s daily activity provides them with both physical and mental benefits that are beneficial for healthy growth and development.

What it includes:

This printable packet of yoga cards for kids includes animal yoga poses with pictures and descriptions.

Each card has an image of a child doing the post, while the back of the card explains how to do the yoga pose.

It’s perfect for visual learners and those who prefer reading directions.



Fun ways to use this printable:

The yoga aspect of this printable is so much fun to do! While they will love doing that, don’t forget that there are so many other ideas that you can use printables for learning fun!

Here are some great ways to learn with this printable and try something new!

Make a yoga game

Playing yoga games is an excellent way for young children to develop physical literacy, explore movement, and connect with their peers. Yoga poses can be challenging yet accessible for kids of all ages and abilities.

One fun game for children to play is called ‘Yoga Simon Says’: each participant takes turns to be the leader or ‘Simon’ and demonstrates a combination of yoga movements. At the same time, each other player follows those instructions using their unique style.

This game can be modified to suit any skill level; the difficulty of the poses and transitions can be adjusted as needed, making it collaborative and inclusive.

The game undoubtedly encourages creativity, helps foster relationships among peers, and teaches valuable team-building skills.

Playing such a game in a class setting allows instructors to ensure proper alignment among participants, promote healthy habits and motivate students.

Have a family yoga night

Family yoga night can be an enjoyable and rewarding experience. It offers the perfect opportunity to come together as a family, away from the hectic pace of everyday life.

While enjoying some quiet physical activity together, families can bond and communicate in ways that wouldn’t be possible otherwise.

Doing gentle stretches with an instructor guiding you, families can learn how to move their bodies in unison to find balance and peace. They can also keep each other motivated and inspired, which improves their relationships even further.

Family yoga nights have the potential to build resilience and enduring bonds within families, providing a much-needed regular break from the daily hustle and bustle of life.

Make up some new silly yoga poses

Kids often demonstrate excellent creativity when engaging in physical activities. One example of this is when kids make up their yoga poses; it can be a perfect way for them to discover how flexible and adaptable their bodies can be.

By experimenting with different positions, they can find new ways of stretching that can build coordination and active engagement with the practice.

Oftentimes, their poses come out silly and comedic, adding a bit of fun and surprise to the movements.

Watching their exercise in this manner is both humorous and instructional, teaching us all about creativity and pushing boundaries.

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