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L is for Leaf Crown! {Preschool Alphabet}

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Fall is Fun!

I sure do love Fall!  The football games, the cooler weather… the perfect excuse to eat donuts with cider (every day!) We decided to kick off the fall season with some nice leaf crowns.  We all headed outside to look for beautiful leaves, but when we got out there - we only had green ones!  Oops!  Guess the weather hasnt been quite cold enough around here yet!

What You Need:

  • Construction Paper
  • Stapler
  • Glue Sticks
  • Leaves

What You Do:

To begin, cut the construction paper into strips to make two halves of a childs headband.  You can either staple one side together now or have the kids decorate the strips separately and then staple at the end.

 Gather up some leaves from outside and lay them in a pile for the kids to rumage around in.  Hand out the glue sticks and demonstrate gluing a few leaves in place.  Sit back and be amazed at how cool your kids are.

 I love seeing how things will turn out.  Chipmunk ripped up all her little leaves before gluing them on.  Luke was way more interested in gluing the table, and Nolan was concentrating intensely.  The crowns turned out great!

After both sides of the crown are completed, wrap it around the childs head to measure.  Holding the size in place with your finger, remove it from the childs head and then staple the ends together to make a crown.


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Sharing is caring!