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Piranha Books for Kids | Rainforest Unit Study

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These Piranha Books for Kids are sure to please and fascinate your children as they learn all about this awesome Rainforest Animal.

These books contain so much information about the Piranha as well as stories about people from the Rain Forest. Make sure to check out my other Book Recommendations for all Ages as well!

The following Piranha-themed books for kids cover all aspects of the home-school education coin – from picture books to workbooks; from learning to read up to chapter books!

Kids Books about the Piranha

Learning about Piranhas is really a lot of fun. The kids will enjoy reading the books, flipping through the pages, and then presenting to you some of the stuff that they’ve read.

Books are such a great way to have kids embrace reading while making it totally fun as well.

How many teeth do piranha have?

I’m sure that they’ll find the answer to this question in the books, but piranhas have 20 super short teeth!

How long can Piranhas live?

Some piranhas can live to be 10 years or older!

Rainforest Unit Study Resources:

Rainforest Animals Facts Sheets

Rainforest Animals Preschool Learning Kit

Piranha Books for Kids:

The following books are all available at Amazon.  Simply click the book image (aff link) to be taken there. I’ll earn a small commission for each purchase at no extra cost to you.

Piranha Books for Kids | Rainforest Unit Study

These books are full of piranha stories and facts that the kids will enjoy reading and learning about.

Piranha Books for Children

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Mother of 3

Thursday 30th of August 2018

These look great and i think we've only read one or two of them! Pinned.