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Kindergarten Hibernation Printables

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Learning about hibernating animals is an important part of covering science with kindergartners. Kids love learning about animals, so studying hibernation can be a fun topic, especially if you use these cute kindergarten hibernation printables!

These printables include facts for learning which animals hibernate, how they live and sleep during the winter, basic math concepts such as shapes and numbers, and more! With these printables, you’re sure to help your kindergartners understand the concept of hibernation this year.

For more hibernation activities you can use with kids, check out this list of Where Do Animals Sleep in the Winter Crafts and Activities!

Kindergarten Hibernation Printables

Kindergarten Hibernation Printables:

1. This Animals in Winter Hibernating Printable makes it easy to learn which animals hibernate during the cold months!

2. Which animals hibernate and which animals migrate? Use this printable Hibernation Vs. Migration Sorting activity to help the kids learn!

3. Make this fun Printable Hibernating Bear Craft with your kindergartners!

4. Did you know that some bats hibernate each winter? This Printable Bat Shape Book is a simple way to learn about them!

5. Let the kids make their own paper books with this printable Hibernating Animals Booklet!

6. Practice early reading skills for kindergartners with these Printable Hibernation Early Reader Books!

7. Counting and number recognition are easy to teach with this Printable Hibernation Bear Number Game!

8. Read the book “Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?” and let the kids complete this fun Brown Bear, Brown Bear Printable Pack!

Fun Kindergarten Hibernation Printables

9. Grab this printable Which Animals Hibernate Worksheet to help kids identify animals that sleep all winter!

10. These Hibernating Animals Printables feature basic facts for how animals live and sleep during winter!

11. Use these full-color Printable Hibernating Animals Cards to help children remember which animals hibernate!

12. Work on shape skills with this really cute Printable Shape Bear Activity!

13. This Printable Bear Snores On Pack is perfect for reinforcing literacy and math skills after reading the book “Bear Snores On”!

14. Animals behave differently in winter. Some migrate, others hibernate, and still others merely adapt to the colder weather. Help kids know which animals do what with this Printable Migration, Hibernation, and Adaptation Activity!

15. These Printable Hibernation Emergent Reader Books are great for building reading fluency in kindergartners!

Hibernation Printables for Kindergarten

Kindergarten Hibernation Printables Resources:

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