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Vermont Crafts for Kids

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Vermont is probably best known for its beautiful fall foliage and cold winters. But there’s more to this state than just weather!

Did you know that Vermont was one of the first states to abolish slavery? Or that Vermont is the second-least populated state in the U.S.? Get to know more about this state with these fun Vermont crafts for kids! There are art projects here for children to study local animals, industries, famous people, and more!

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Vermont Crafts for Kids

Vermont Crafts for Kids:

1. Vermont’s state amphibian is the Northern Leopard Frog. Make this adorable Paper Heart Frog Craft and add some speckles to resemble the state frog!

2. The state insect of Vermont is the Western Honeybee. I love this easy upcycled Foam Cup Bee Craft for kids!

3. Vermont features some gorgeous fall foliage each year. In fact, the Sugar Maple is the state tree! Collect some golden maple leaves and create these beautiful Fall Leaf Lanterns!

4. They sure do love apples in Vermont. Apple pie is the official state food! The kids will love making (and eating) these yummy Apple Pie Cookies!

Vermont Crafts for Kids to Make

5. Wild turkey hunting is a local pasttime in rural Vermont. This fun Paper Strip Turkey Craft is a cool activity for kids!

6. One of the major industries in Vermont is dairy farming. Read a fun kids’ book about milk and then make this cute Paper Plate Cow Mask!

7. Ben and Jerry’s ice cream company is headquartered in Vermont. Let your toddlers try this Fork Painting Ice Cream Craft and then have a sundae!

8. Did you know that John Deere was a real person? While he went on to design tractors, he was originally born in Vermont. Spend some time making this easy Footprint Tractor Craft!

Fun Vermont Crafts for Kids

Do you have any ideas for other Vermont crafts for kids? Share your suggestions in the comments!

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Friday 5th of May 2017

Hi Kelli,

Many thanks for the article, it was nice to see the great pics you have chosen to share as well as find out more about Vermont and what it has to offer for the little ones.

I do agree with you on the point regarding the cup - bees, they are dead cute! In fact just stick some googly eyes on anything and it becomes endearing really!