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Minnesota Crafts for Kids

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The state of Minnesota is known as the “Land of 10,000 Lakes” and with good reason! This state is packed with bodies of water, including some famous ones such as Lake Minnetonka.

Along with its lakes, Minnesota also features tall mountains, large forests, and all kinds of wildlife! Use these cute Minnesota crafts for kids to help your children learn about this U.S. state in a fun, hands-on way! There are activities below that highlight the state’s natural landscape, flora and fauna, and residents!

One of the largest industries in Minnesota is farming, including pumpkin farming! Read some of these neat children’s books about pumpkins as part of your unit!

Minnesota Crafts for Kids

Minnesota Crafts for Kids:

1. Minnesota’s state insect is the beautiful monarch butterfly. These lovely Monarch Butterfly Peg Dolls are a wonderful craft project for kids!

2. Turkey farming is one of the important industries in Minnesota. Try this neat Paper Plate Turkey Craft that’s perfect for fall!

3. The highest point in Minnesota is Eagle Mountain, which sits at an elevation of 2,301 feet. This cute Purple Mountain Painting activity is great for art practice!

4. The musician Prince was raised in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Kids will love making this Footprint Guitar Craft!

Minnesota Crafts for Kids and Parents

5. Many of Minnesota’s natural land features were formed by volcanoes many, many years ago. Make your own volcano with this cool Erupting LEGO Volcano!

6. Thanks to Minnesota’s many lakes, boating is a popular activity for many residents. Try this easy Coffee Filter Sailboat Craft!

7. During the winter, Minnesota receives many inches of snow. Kids will love making this Frosted Snowflake Craft and hanging it from the ceiling!

8. Minnesota has one of the largest native populations of bald eagles in the U.S. Make this super cute Pom Pom Bald Eagle Craft with the kids!

Minnesota Crafts for Kids to Make

Have you tried any fun Minnesota crafts for kids? Share them in the comments!

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