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Thanksgiving Posts on 3 Boys and a Dog

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Here you will find all the Thanksgiving related posts on my site!  Some great stuff here now and more coming soon! Scroll on down to see what all I have!  I have tried to keep this list very Thanksgiving specific, so if you are looking for more Fall themed (leaves, pumpkins, apples) be sure to look at my Fall list of goodies!


Thanksgiving Crafts & DIY

  1. Native American Headband
  2. Easy Turkey with Feathers
  3. Turkey T-Shirts
  4. O is for Owl (and a Turkey Tag-a-long)

Thanksgiving Recipes

  1. Thanksgiving RecipesMediterranean Turkey Casserole (great for leftover turkey)
  2. Gluten Free Thanksgiving Dinner
  3. Banana Bread Pudding Thanksgiving Recipe
  4. Over 180 Favorite Dessert Recipes for Thanksgiving
  5. Pineapple Casserole
  6. Loaded Baked Potato Casserole
  7. Homemade Creamed Corn
  8. 32 Thanksgiving or Fall Goodies
  9. 12 Sweet Potato Recipes
  10. 15 Healthy Pumpkin Recipes
  11. 15 Dessert Recipes Perfect for the Holidays
  12. 15 Thanksgiving Side Dishes
  13. Ultimate Collection of Thanksgiving Desserts

Thanksgiving Household Printables

  1. FREE Printable: Thanksgiving Menu Planning Sheet
  2. FREE Printable: Company Ready to do List
  3. Free Printable: Thanksgiving Recipe Card

Thanksgiving Unit Studies and Printables

  1. Free Homeschool Printable: Thankful Math Reader Request
  2. Thanksgiving Educational Ideas
  3. Thanksgiving Printables: Same or Different
  4. Thanksgiving Printables: Preschool Handwriting Worksheet
  5. Thanksgiving Printables: Reading Flashcards
  6. Thanksgiving Printables: I is for Indian
  7. Thanksgiving Printables: M is for Mayflower
  8. Thanksgiving Greater Than, Less Than Worksheet
  9. Thanksgiving Early Reader Worksheets

Thanksgiving Board on Pinterest

At the time of this writing, this board has over 80 Thanksgiving themed pins!  As time goes on, I expect this to grow.  So, be sure to join the other 8000+ followers of  this board so you don’t miss out on all the Thanksgiving things I find around the web!

Thanksgiving Pinterest Board

Thanksgiving Guest Posts and Such:

  1. 5 Tips to Keeping your Pets Safe During the Holidays
  2. Thanksgiving Homeschooling Ideas by Subject – I wrote this post on Crystal and Company’s site!  It is a BIG list of goodies, so hopefully you enjoy it!

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