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15 Thanksgiving Side Dishes

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Are you looking for an easy way to find yummy foods for the holiday? This is why we love these Thanksgiving Side Dishes! Perfect for a delicious holiday meal and a great way to feed family and friends.

Just about any side dish works well for the holidays. Sweet and savory side dishes are one of the best ways to go about Thanksgiving. Flavors like sweet potatoes, cranberries, or cauliflower have become some of the most popular. Check out what we have for you below!

These Thanksgiving side dishes range in flavors and ingredients. You will find a mix of sweet side dishes, some savory, and a few a little bit of both. Regardless of what you’re craving, this list gives you tasty options!

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What is the most famous side dish at Thanksgiving?

While the main dish, typically a turkey, takes center stage, the sides truly make the meal. A plethora of side dishes appear at Thanksgiving, such as mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, and cranberry sauce, to name a few.

However, when it comes to the most famous side dish, one dish stands out among the rest: stuffing.

This savory side is a staple at nearly every Thanksgiving table in the country. Made of seasoned bread and various vegetables, it perfectly complements the turkey.

Whether cooked inside the bird or in a dish on the side, stuffing has earned its spot as Thanksgiving’s most beloved side dish.

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How many sides are too many for Thanksgiving?

While it is essential to offer a variety of options for guests with different dietary preferences and restrictions, there comes a point where the number of sides can become overwhelming and detract from the overall dining experience.

The key is finding a balance between variety and simplicity so guests can enjoy each dish without feeling overwhelmed by the many options available.

You know your guests and what they like, so base that information on how many side dishes to make. Mostly, you’ll find anywhere from 4-6 side dishes on the Thanksgiving table.

How many people will a 16lb turkey feed?

Don’t forget to get a turkey to pair with all these side dish recipes! While the side dishes are the show’s star, a turkey brings all the flavors together.

It is generally recommended that a 16lb turkey can serve up to 12 people, assuming a standard serving size and a moderate amount of side dishes. However, this estimation may vary based on individual circumstances.

The more side dishes you have, the fuller people will get, resulting in them eating less turkey.

15 Thanksgiving Side Dishes

Are you ready to see some of the best holiday side dish recipes? Not only are they yummy to eat, but not all of these recipes for Thanksgiving are challenging to make!

Check them out and see which one you plan to start with!

Thanksgiving Side Dishes

Use these simple side dish recipes to fill your Thanksgiving table. Delicious flavors and options!

Did you find a favorite side dish for your dinner table? Let me know which one!

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