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Thanksgiving Early Reader Worksheets

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These Thanksgiving Early Reader Worksheets will help your preschool and kindergarten-aged children work on beginning and ending sounds. 

This set includes a sheet of beginning sounds and a sheet of ending sounds in an adorable Thanksgiving theme to help your child with Phonics!

Make sure to check out my Homeschooling Preschool Worksheets for more fun learning ideas. When it comes to prepping for the holidays, I love having options for the kids!

These worksheets are perfect for reading comprehension and the Thanksgiving season. These are great for emergent readers.

Using holiday-themed learning is always a great way to combine education and fun! The kids will love these worksheets!

If your little one is interested in starting to read, they’re going to love this printable!

What is the educational benefit of this printable?

These Thanksgiving Printables will help your preschool and kindergarten-aged children work on recognizing patterns, letters, and sequences.  Plus, they are in an adorable Thanksgiving theme.

What it includes:

These worksheets are great for educational activities for the kids. You’ll find options for learning about the first Thanksgiving and helping kids to gain confidence in their reading abilities.

Fun ways to use this printable:

Use these worksheets as a way to branch off and have even more fun with your kids learning. Once they start to build their learning confidence, there’s no stopping them to growing and gaining even more knowledge!

Create a fun Thanksgiving meal

After reading a bit about Thanksgiving, why not make a mini holiday meal. Don’t forget the pumpkin pie! And of course, the whipped cream to go along with it.

Pair this up with other free printables

Why stop at one printable when you don’t have to? You can use this printable to search this site for more learning printables that are Thanksgiving-themed, too. I like to pair up as many learning concepts as possible to keep the kids active and engaged. (I do this all for all my holiday and seasonal learning)

Use this for creative ideas

Have the kids create their own Thanksgiving word search and coloring pages. Once they read the words, have them create their very own learning printables and activities for later. This keeps them active and involved and engaged in their learning.

More Printable Thanksgiving Worksheets:

Sharing is caring!

Sarah D.

Monday 25th of November 2013

My son should enjoy this. Thank you! =)

Kelli Miller

Wednesday 27th of November 2013

Thanks Sarah, if he is anything like my youngest he will really enjoy it. :-)