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Books About Roosters for Kids

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There are enough Books about Roosters for kids here to last a couple of weeks or to give you plenty of choices for the best fit(s) for your family.

From cute stories to scientific education, these Books about Rooster are sure to help as you and your children learn about farm animals.

Be sure to check out these Reading: Book Recommendations for all Ages for even more learning fun!

Books About Roosters for Kids

As part of our farm animals unit study, we are reading.  Reading lots and LOTS of books. Books about roosters are perfect to add to the list of animals to learn about!

How do roosters stay warm in the winter?

They fluff up the feathers that are on their body! Next time the kids see a rooster fluffing its feathers they’ll know that it’s trying to get warm.

Why do roosters fight each other?

If you see roosters fighting, they’re fighting for the hens!

Farm Animals Unit Study Resources:

Here are even more great farm resources that you can share with the kids.

More Rooster Resources:

In addition to the above books about roosters, you and your’s will delight in the following Rooster fun resources.

Enhance Your Farm Animals Unit Study:

Looking for more fun items in addition to these books about roosters to help you in teaching your kids about the farm? Check out my top affiliate picks from Amazon!

At the Farm Books for Kids

  1. A Day at the Farm: A Book of ABCs
  2. Baby at the Farm: A Touch-and-Feel Book
  3. The Year At Maple Hill Farm

Educational Farm Goodies for Kids

Books about Roosters {Farm Animals Unit Study}:

From stories to facts to coloring – these affiliate linked books about roosters will help you teach your kids everything there is to know about beautiful Roosters.

Books About Roosters for Kids

These books are all about roosters!

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