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Kids Crafts: Apple Collage Craft

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BY: Maureen Spell

I love this neat Fall Craft idea that Maureen has put together for my readers!  Fun, Fun!! ~Kelli

Apple CraftGranny Smith, Fuji, McIntosh, Red Delicious— these are just a few of the apples we’ll be sampling this September.

From baking pies, to reading books, my kids will be exploring the many uses, facts and fables of apples. Many of our activities are geared toward my older kids, but I still wanted to incorporate my 2 1/2 year old daughter in all the fun. She’s been working on apple colors (red, green and yellow), shapes, and patterns. To tie everything together, we created an apple collage box.

Skills: fine motor visual – spatial skills multi-sensory activity

Materials: various plastic lids or small containers 1 shoe box or other small box (mine is a white 9x6x1.5 box) white glue/craft glue odds and ends to go with the theme (buttons, potpourri, beads, ribbon pieces, punchies etc.)

Apple CraftProcedure: 1. Arrange the lids face-up across the bottom of the box. Glue down with craft glue and let dry (done by an adult).

2. Let your child fill the lids with white glue (oh they will have so much fun using so much glue!)

3. Next drop various objects into the lids.

4. Let dry—it will take awhile!

Extensions: We decorated the box with apple prints. You could also add stickers, drawings, or clip-art. In addition to the apple prints, we used punchies to create an apple tree for each season of the year. That way we could review the concept of seasons. On the inside lid of the box, we added an apple pattern game. You could add minute books, lapbook elements, or other interactive elements that go along with the unit. When you are finished you’ll have a wonderful tactile reminder of the unit. This project is so flexible that you could use it with any theme you are studying. The options are endless!

—————————– Maureen Spell

Maureen Spell is a former elementary school teacher who homeschools her five children ages 11yrs. to 1yr. She enjoys creating and crafting, especially through digital scrapbooking. She is on the creative team at Designer Digitals and her work has been featured in several scrapbook magazines and websites. Besides teaching, scrapping, and taking care of her household, she can be found blogging about her journey at Spell Outloud.

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Tamara B.

Wednesday 9th of September 2009

What a great idea and perfect to do on a rainy day or for some fun time together and very creative.