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Books about Pennsylvania for Kids

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These Books about Pennsylvania for Kids are sure to please and fascinate your children.  When teaching, you should always provide books the kids can read or look through themselves.  However, you should also have some books that you can read aloud to them.  The following cover all aspects of the homeschool education coin!

Make certain to combine this with our 50 State Unit Study as well for even more fun learning about all the information in the United States.

grab some of these Pennsylvania books for kids

It’s always fun to read about a state that you live in and even one that you don’t. The kids will really have a good job reading through these various books so that it fills their minds full of fun facts and information that they’ll be able to use and reference later on down the road. 

Who knows – maybe after the kids read and learn about the state of Pennsylvania, you can plan a few road trips and see some of the fun sights! 

What is Pennsylvania most known for?

This might vary depending on who you ask but I always think about Pennsylvania as the state where the US constitution was written. 

What’s Pennsylvania’s nickname?

The state of Pennsylvania actually has several nicknames: Quacker state, Coal state, Keystone state, and Oil state. 

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Books about Pennsylvania (for Kids)

This list is full of great Books about Pennsylvania (for Kids)!

Have fun reading and learning all about Pennsylvania with these great books. They’re all unique and full of great information!

Pennsylvania books for kids make learning fun

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