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Learn the Muscular System {Third Grade Unit Study}

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Last week, we had an awesome time learning about the skeletal system!  We are super excited about the muscular system this week, aren’t you?  As with last week, we aren’t getting into the scientific names of the muscles, but are learning what they do for the body.

Muscular System Unit Study

I use the Homeschool Tracker Plus to keep organized.  I have the download, but it appears as if they now have an online version.

Our Homeschool Subjects:

  • Miscellaneous Activities –  We will be watching this video each day.  We will also be doing some Isometrics work during the day as part of our physical education to “work our muscles”.
  • Art
  • Reading –  We are reading My First Encyclopedia, and Mini Books from Scholastic.
  • Personal Care – This is bathing, eating, brushing teeth and the like.
  • Handwriting –  Over the next 26 days, we are doing a quick reinforcement of the alphabet.  Thomas has super horrible handwriting so before we can move on to cursive, we need to clean up his print a bit.  So, we are doing the Alphabet Activities worksheets from TLS Books.
  • Spelling – muscle, relax, strength,  move, skeletal, smooth,  heart, breathe, biceps, triceps – used the word search maker for one day
  • Bible –  We are reading a couple pages at a time of Great Bible Stories For Children
  • History/Social Studies – We are using Scholastic Success with Maps Grade 2 for the next couple weeks.  We will also learn about
  • Language Arts – We are using Spectrum Language Arts Grade 3, but also doing this Muscle-Themed worksheet from Scholastic printables.
  • Math – Still working on multiplication tables using Math Aids.  This week we are adding Multiplication by 2s.
  • Science –  We are using several websites for science (basically the whole week is science ;-))  Biology for Kids,

Note:  the above items are strictly for the stuff we are doing right now.  As we do different studies, we will use different products.  We are also using Brain Pop Jr, Easy Science for Kids, and Help Teaching to complete this week’s unit.

What are fun ways to teach kids about the muscular system?

The muscular system is an integral part of our body, and teaching children about it should be fun and informative.

The best way to teach kids about the muscles is to start with simple activities that help them identify different muscle groups. Puzzles, coloring sheets, and drawing exercises can all be used to help children understand and memorize muscles.

Another effective method is for the teacher or parent to playfully mimic motions like reaching up for something or flexing your arm, then ask the child to identify which muscles are being used for each motion correctly.

By involving hands-on activities in the learning process, children can gain a better understanding of the muscular system.

What are movements for kids that can also teach them about their muscular system?

Children of all ages can benefit from activities incorporating physical exercise and knowledge about the muscular system. These sorts of activities promote a healthy lifestyle for kids, as well as help them to build a foundation for future learning.

Examples include having children pair up and teach each other basic concepts about how muscles work and how they interact with other parts of the body, such as bones and tendons.

Additionally, by engaging in repetitive exercises with creative motions, kids can discover how certain muscle groups are utilized depending on the movement pattern being done.

For example, jumping jacks focus on larger muscle groups like the glutes, quads, and deltoids, while twisting movements target smaller areas like the obliques and intercostals. Incorporating a range of movements like this helps to provide an insightful overview of the functionality of each child’s muscular system.

At what age should children start learning about the muscular system?

It is recommended that children should begin to learn about the muscular system from the age of seven onwards.

At this age, they can appreciate learning about how their bodies work and adequately understand basic concepts related to muscle structure and function.

This can be achieved through theory-based explanations as well as practical activities like labeling diagrams or participating in physical activities that give them a sense of how different muscles interact with each other.

Education about the muscular system should proceed age-appropriate and be supplemented with interactive, hands-on activities focusing on positive body image and well-being.

This will develop a secure knowledge base and positive attitude towards learning, sensing, moving, and interacting in the world.

What is the muscular system in the body?

The human body has over 650 skeletal muscles, which comprise approximately 40 percent of its total mass.

Of these, the main muscular system which provides movement and stability is the musculoskeletal system.

This consists of various muscles connected to the bones, joints, ligaments, and other connective tissue, allowing for activities such as locomotion and lifting of weights.

Lesson Plan – Learn the Muscular System

Now that you know all the stuff we are using this week, here is our schedule – if you click the image, you can download a printable of it.

Muscular System Lesson Plans

Have fun!  After this week, we are moving to Space – we were supposed to do Charlotte’s Web, but he requested planets!

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