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The Human Heart Worksheets for Kids

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The Human Heart Worksheets are a great way to teach your kids all about how the human heart works. Heart anatomy is something that kids will start learning about as early as third grade and continue throughout life.

Teaching your child about the parts of the heart is important. Since our heart muscle is one of our strongest muscles, it’s key to find out about the parts of the heart so that our kids are aware of how to take care of it as they age. Check out our other free homeschooling worksheets!

parts of the heart and more worksheets

The kids will love learning about various parts of the body through this simple and easy approach.

Most people aren’t aware that there are different sides to the heart. If adults don’t know that, we have to make certain that we teach the kids! This worksheet can help them understand how the heart helps with oxygen and nutrients while also assisting with blood from the lungs.

What will the kids learn from this printable?

Since this printable includes many pages, they’re going to learn a lot of information about the human heart. These printable pages will increase their curiosity about heart valves, oxygenated blood, tricuspid valve, and more.



What it includes:

What’s included in this printable is:

  • Parts of the heart
  • Healthy foods for your heart
  • Label the heart
  • Heart tracing
  • My Parents warm my heart because…
  • Color Your Heart
  • Cut out the various parts of the heart

All of these pages are great for talking more about key points of the heart like coronary arteries, supply of oxygen to and from the heart, how the heart helps to filter waste products, and more. It’s also great to talk about how the heart can help with oxygen rich blood.

printable unit study worksheets for the human heart

Fun ways to use this printable:

This hearty printable is great because there are a lot of ways that it can be used.

Use it as a talking point of kindness

Learning about the heart and learning about how the heart receives blood and then turns around to push blood through the body is great, but talk to your kids about how their heart helps them feel love and kindness, too. Since the heart is a strong muscle, talk about all the various things that it can do.

Make a heart puzzle

Once the kids color the heart in this printable, cut it up and make it be a puzzle that they can then put back together. See if they know how to piece together a heart!

This will teach them analytical thinking as well as be able to creative as well.

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Trace them on a piece of paper and then add in the parts of the heart

Learning from printables is fun but see if they can lay on a piece of paper and be traced. Once they’re traced have them stand up and label the parts of their heart.

This is a great way to help them associate the heart in the body and be able to identify things like the left ventricle, pulmonary arteries, blood vessels, the left atrium and right ventricle, mitral valve, and more.

parts of the heart and more worksheets

Why is it important to teach kids about the parts of the body? 

Introducing children to the names and functions of different parts of the body is a fundamental element of their early cognitive development.

A solid understanding of basic anatomy and physiology is crucial not only to budding scientific minds but also to providing them with valuable health and safety knowledge.

For example, children who know where their vital organs are located are more likely to engage in behaviors that protect these organs, such as wearing helmets while biking or skating.

Additionally, when children can recognize and communicate any discomfort they experience – a headache or a stomach ache – it enables them to relay important information to caregivers and seek the necessary medical attention.

Ultimately, teaching kids about the parts of the body is a crucial component of their overall education and essential in promoting their physical and emotional well-being.

What are fun activities for kids to learn about the human heart? 

Learning about the human heart can be a fascinating and enriching experience for children, and several engaging activities can help them better understand this important organ.

One fun activity involves using stethoscopes to listen to each other’s heartbeats, allowing kids to hear the steady rhythm of their cardiovascular system.

Another exciting option is to create anatomical models of the heart using materials such as clay or paper mache, allowing children to explore the shapes and functions of the heart hands-on.

Additionally, exploring the circulatory system through games and puzzles can be a great way for kids to learn about the various components of the human heart and how they work together to keep us healthy and active.

By engaging in these types of activities, children can develop an appreciation for the importance of the heart and a deeper understanding of how it contributes to our overall health and well-being.



Why is learning about the heart important for kids?

Learning about the heart is paramount for children as it impacts their health and well-being. The heart is an organ that pumps blood and oxygen to all body parts, which is necessary for maintaining life.

Understanding the functions of the heart, its structure, and how it works can help children make healthy choices that can prevent heart-related diseases in the future.

Learning about the heart can help children appreciate the importance of exercise, a proper diet, and good sleeping habits, as all these practices directly impact the heart’s health.

As such, educating children about the heart provides essential knowledge and is a starting point toward healthy living.

Are printables about the human body good for teaching kids?

Printables can be an effective tool for teaching young children about the human body. By providing a visual aid to accompany information, printables help to solidify learning and increase comprehension.

Printables can also help engage children who may not be as interested in traditional teaching methods. Through interactive tasks like coloring and labeling, students can take a more active role in their learning and solidify their knowledge in a more hands-on way.

When used with other teaching methods, printables can be a valuable resource for students and educators alike.

Therefore, it is safe to say that printables about the human body are useful for teaching kids this topic.

How often should printables be used in teaching children?

With the popularity of printable teaching materials on the rise, educators are left to wonder how often these resources should be utilized in the classroom.

While the convenience and ease of access to printables may make them a tempting choice, it is crucial to consider how often they are being used and how effective they are in enhancing children’s learning experience.

To properly integrate printables, it is essential to balance their use and incorporate other teaching methods, such as hands-on activities and meaningful discussions.

Overall, printables should be viewed as valuable in a diverse toolkit of teaching resources, used selectively to maximize their impact and effectiveness.

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Friday 6th of October 2023

The package is great for my students, I love the layout.

Kelli Miller

Wednesday 25th of October 2023

I'm thrilled to hear that you found the Human Heart Worksheets beneficial for your students! It's our goal to create educational resources that are not only informative but also engaging and easy to use. Your feedback validates our efforts and motivates us to continue improving. Stay tuned for more interactive learning materials in the future.

Umm Amaani

Thursday 16th of February 2023

I wanted to go through some ho e learning with my daughter on the heart and I came across your blog, was just what I needed!

The Heart worksheets are very well put together Thankyou

Much appreciated❤️