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Learn the Skeletal System {Grade Three Unit Study}

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Thomas and I are spending a week learning all about the skeletal system.  As he is only 8, we aren’t getting too into the official science terms of the bones.  However, we will touch on them a tad – but I won’t be “testing” him on them.  So, since I am building this lesson plan, it made sense to go ahead and write the post up.  If it was that hard for me to find a plan, surely it is hard for you as well!  WARNING:  This is a long post… however, it has literally everything you need to complete the week-long Skeletal System Unit Study.

Learn the Skeletal System

I use the Homeschool Tracker Plus to keep organized.  I have the download, but it appears as if they now have an online version.

Our Homeschool Subjects:

Note:  the above items are strictly for the stuff we are doing right now.  As we do different studies, we will use different products.

Lesson Plan – Learn the Skeletal System

Now that you know all the stuff we are using this week, here is our schedule – if you click the image, you can download a printable of it.

Lesson Plan_Learn to Skeletal System

Have fun!  After this week, we are moving to the muscular system!  With this one, I have a bit more time to plan, so I can order some fun things – or at least that is the plan. LOL!

Sharing is caring!

Isha India

Tuesday 21st of April 2020

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Thursday 18th of September 2014

What a great unit! And I LOVE your cute pinnable image =) I pinned.

Thanks for linking up to TGIF, Beth

Kelli Miller

Sunday 21st of September 2014

Thanks for stopping by and for hosting such a great linky! Thanks for the pin - I say a website can never have too many pins. LOL!