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Dragon Math Activities for Preschool

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Use these Dragon Math Activities for Preschool as a great way to get the kids interested in learning math! Free math printables are always fun – and a great way to showcase kids’ confidence.

Once they get the hang of these fun math printables, they’ll want to do more and more as well. Start them with this, then let them have a blast learning various math problems.

Even if your kiddos aren’t overly crazy about math, these cute dinosaur printables show that learning can be adorable and fun.

They might even make a few new fun dinosaur friends along the way – because learning with a theme is always a good idea!

What is the learning benefit of this printable?

The free printable is meant to encourage them to do math. Each page has a theme to it and is covered with cute dinosaurs. They’ll love being able to start and stop – and finish – this all on their own!

They’ll have to count, cut and paste, and follow the directions on this printable packet. But in the end, they’ll have learned so many fun new things.

What it includes:

This fun dragon learning printable has so many cute images! (even though it’s about math, the cuteness is not denied!)

This math packet has matching, counting, comparing, and more. You’ll love the variety – and so will the kids!

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Grab The FULL Dragon Math Set Printables

The download at the end of the post is just a small freebie portion of the Dragon math set printables, but I have 20 pages in my shop covering many math topics!

Just click through on the image below to go straight to it. You’ll love having the entire math learning packet!

Fun ways to use this printable:

Even though this packet is all about math, many other fun things can be done. Here are some great ideas to do with the kids.

Learn about the history of dragons

Dragons are fascinating mythical creatures that have captured the imaginations of people, young and old. Learning about these beasts can be particularly exciting for children as they delve into the world of magic and fantasy.

To fully understand the lore behind dragons, it is important to explore their origins in various cultures and mythologies. Some cultures view them as powerful symbols of strength and good luck, while others see them as fearsome beasts that must be vanquished.

Children can gain a deeper understanding and appreciation for these fantastical creatures by learning about the various cultural interpretations of dragons.

Additionally, discussing dragons’ physical features and abilities can spark imaginative play, allowing children to incorporate their newfound knowledge into their own stories and adventures.

Make fun math problems

Making math fun for kids can inspire a love of learning and build essential skills that will serve them well academically and professionally.

Consider counting games or using everyday objects to practice subtraction or multiplication. Encourage problem-solving by posing puzzles that require mathematical reasoning.

By taking a creative and interactive approach to math education, we can equip children with the tools to understand and engage with mathematics in exciting and innovative ways.

Make fun counting games

Counting games are a fantastic way to engage children in learning number skills in a fun and interactive way. These activities can be as simple as counting objects and as complex as solving a math problem with multiple steps.

Making even the most mundane tasks exciting and meaningful is possible with the right approach. Children can develop important math skills such as number recognition, counting, and even basic addition and subtraction through these games.

By providing children with fun and engaging activities, we can help instill a lifelong love of learning and encourage them to develop the important cognitive skills they need for future success.



If you like this free mini dragon math pack, check out the full Dragon Math Pack in my shop! It’s more pages, learning, and creative fun for the kids!

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