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Georgia Crafts for Kids

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Learning about the United States is an important part of childhood. But kids learn so much better when they complete hands-on activities than when they’re just reading about geography from a book.

That’s why I’m excited to share these fun and easy Georgia crafts for kids! There are activities here about the state’s history, geography, and more that kids of all ages can try!

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Simple State of Georgia Crafts

Georgia Crafts for Kids:

1. The Savannah River runs across the state of Georgia. Make this fun Outdoor Foil River and let your kids explore how rivers flow!

2. Speaking of rivers, tugboats are a pretty common sight along Georgia’s rivers, so this cute Margarine Tub Tug Boat is a perfect activity!

3. Northern Georgia has plenty of mountains to explore, including the famous Stone Mountain. These easy Torn Paper Mountains are a fun indoor art project!

4. Georgia’s state flower is the Cherokee Rose. Use pink felt to make this Felt Rose Wind Chime!

5. Coca-Cola was invented in Atlanta, Georgia. Play this fun outdoor Coca-Cola Bottle Blast Game with the kids!

State of Georgia Crafts for Kids

6. At Zoo Atlanta, located in Georgia, the attraction’s pandas are a major tourist highlight. These adorable Potato Stamped Pandas are easy enough for kids to make!

7. This simple Paper Plate Bird Craft can be used to make a model of the state bird of Georgia: the Brown Thrasher!

8. The southern coast of Georgia is home to plenty of beaches. This fun Beach Shoebox Diorama lets kids make their own beach scene with real sand!

9. Georgia has several cities, but Atlanta (the capital) is the largest. Its skyline is a major feature of the state. Help your kids make this cool City Craft Foam Skyline craft to resemble Atlanta’s skyline!

Georgia Crafts for Kids

Did I miss any Georgia crafts for kids that you thought of? Share your suggestions!

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