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Massachusetts Crafts for Kids

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Did you know that Massachusetts is nicknamed the “Bay State”? That really makes a lot of sense, since so much of the state’s coast lies on the Atlantic Ocean. There’s a lot to learn about Massachusetts, especially when it comes to American history. After all, Plymouth Rock is in Masschusetts!

But there are a lot of other things to learn about this state and that’s why I’m excited to share these Massachusetts crafts for kids! There are hands-on activities here that kids of all ages can share in this geography lesson!

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Crafts about Massachusetts for Kids

Massachusetts Crafts for Kids:

1. Let the kids help you make these Floating Sponge Boats and float them outside or inside where you can pretend you’re sailing off Cape Cod!

2. Boston is known for its love of baseball. Make this fun and easy Baseball Lacing Craft with your littles!

3. Many Irish immigrants settled in the city of Boston. Use these printable Ireland Coloring Pages to learn more about the Emerald Isle!

4. And if you want even more baseball fun, whip up these fun and tasty Boston Red Sox Cupcakes!

Kids' Crafts about Massachusetts

5. The original inhabitants of Massachusetts were Native Americans. Help your children create this Native American Small World!

6. Did you know that Dr. Seuss is the state author of Massachusetts? It’s true! Work on early math skills with this LEGO Dr. Seuss Math Patterning Activity!

7. Boston was the site of important events during the War of 1776. Reenact one with this Boston American Revolution Battle Activity!

8. And, of course, we can’t discuss Massachusetts without mentioning the Boston Tea Party. Turn it into a celebration with this fun Boston Tea Party-Themed Tea Party!

Massachusetts Crafts for Kids

Do you think that there are some other notable aspects of learning about Massachusetts? Do you have any specific Massachusetts craft ideas? Let me hear about them in the comments!

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