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Cupcake Theme Activities for Kindergarten

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What child doesn’t love cupcakes? They’re fun, sweet, and an awesome snack at any time of year! So if you can weave cupcakes into your kindergarten lesson plan, then you’re already ahead…lol.

Make your class lessons super fun with these adorable cupcake theme activities for kindergarten! You can use these to work on fine motor skills, literacy, art, and much more!

As part of your cupcake theme, be sure to read the book “If You Give a Cat a Cupcake” and share these awesome If You Give a Cat a Cupcake Activities with the kids! And don’t miss this list of candy bar cupcakes you can bake with the kids afterwards!

Cupcake Theme Activities for Kindergarten

Cupcake Theme Activities for Kindergarten

1. This easy Sparkle Cupcakes Activity only takes a few minutes to set up and is a fun art project for little hands!

2. Grab these printable Cupcake Playdough Mats for some fine motor skill practice!

3. Make a batch of this DIY Cupcake Play Dough for pretend cupcake making or for the playdough mats!

4. This DIY Handprint Cupcake Card is a super cute gift idea for parents or friends!

5. Set up this Cupcake Counting Busy Bag and let the kids work on counting skills during quiet time.

6. Create this Soap Foam Cupcake Station outdoors or near a sink for easy sensory play! This is one of my favorite cupcake theme activities for kindergarten!

7. Use some patterned cupcake liners to make this sweet Cupcake Liner Hot Air Balloon Craft!

8. Save some liners for this lovely Cupcake Paper Flower Garden craft – perfect for spring!

9. Or use them to make this beautiful Cupcake Liner Butterfly Craft!

10. Use this Cupcake Topper Math Facts Activity to help kids practice addition or subtraction the fun way!

11. Challenge the kids to make real cupcakes and use spelling words to decorate them with this Decorating Cupcakes Literacy Activity!

12. This Floating Bathtub Cupcakes Science Experiment is a wonderful way for kids to learn about how acids and bases interact!

Cupcake Activities for Kindergarten

13. Looking for another cupcake sensory activity? Try this Shaving Cream and Water Bead Cupcake Play outside on a warm day!

14. These Princess Hat Cupcakes are just too cute! They’d make a wonderful baking activity for kids!

15. Gather some craft pom-poms and let the kids make this Pom-Pom Mini Cupcakes Craft at the table!

16. Kinetic sand is a great sensory material. You can squish it or shape it like dough while getting the sensory input from its grainy texture. Try this Kinetic Sand Cupcake Play activity!

17. Make some playdough cupcakes and then try this Roll and Count Playdough Cupcake Activity to practice counting and number recognition!

18. Let the children make their own “cupcakes” with this simple Tissue Paper Cupcake Craft!

19. Use colored gift wrap scraps to make this easy Gift Wrap Cupcake Match Game!

20. Here’s another cute cupcake liner craft: A Cupcake Liner Turtle Craft!

21. Collect cupcake liners with various patterns for this Cupcake Liner Pattern Matching Activity!

22. Try this Counting Sprinkles Busy Bag for another cupcake-themed math activity kids can do alone!

23. Add some science into your unit with these Erupting Cupcakes!

24. Grab this Printable I Spy Cupcake Game and challenge the kids to see who can find the most cupcakes first!

Fun Cupcake Theme Activities for Kindergarten

Cupcake Theme Activities for Kindergarten Resources:

These Amazon affiliate cupcake resources feature even more learning fun for kids!

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