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Texas Crafts for Kids

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They say “Everything is bigger in Texas” and, if you’ve ever been to the Lone Star state, you know that’s true! Texas is the biggest state in the lower 48 United States. (Only Alaska is larger.) But it’s not just land size that makes Texas a unique state.

It’s home to a booming oil and gas industry, as well as cattle ranchers, professional sports teams, yummy Tex-Mex cuisine, and wildlife for kids to learn about. When you’re ready to discuss the state of Texas and all of the things that make it special with the kids, try these Texas crafts for kids! The little ones will love these easy hands-on projects that feature plenty of Texas-sized fun!

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Crafts for Kids to Make About Texas

Texas Crafts for Kids:

1. Your little football fans will love making this super cute Mini Football Goal Craft!

2. Turn wood blocks into an adorable cowboy-themed game with these simple DIY Cowboy Puzzle Blocks!

3. Remember those broomstick horses kids used to play with back in the day? Relive those days with this No-Sew Stick Horse Craft!

4. Preschoolers can make their own “cattle” with this Cow Shapes Craft!

Kids' Crafts about Texas

5. You don’t have to be an Aggie fan to make these yummy Texas A&M Football Cookies!

6. This Printable Texas Cattle Poetry Copywork is perfect for helping kids practice penmanship and learn about poetry!

7. Want more cattle crafts? Try this Paper Plate Cow Craft with your early learners!

8. Nothing’s easier than a footprint art project! Let your kids step in brown paint and use their prints to make this Footprint Horse Craft!

Texas Crafts for Kids

Do you have any ideas for fun and simple Texas crafts for kids? Are you from the Lone Star state? Share your suggestions in the comments!

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