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Pennsylvania Crafts for Kids

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Did you know that the state of Pennsylvania is actually a commonwealth? Or that it is one of the most densely populated states in the U.S.? There’s a lot to learn about Pennsylvania and you can make a unit based on the Keystone State fun with these Pennsylvania crafts for kids!

Pennsylvania was admitted as a state in the year 1787, so it’s one of the oldest U.S. states. It’s also rich in history and its cities have played important roles in the Declaration of Independence, the Revolutionary War, and the Civil War.

When you’re ready to learn about the history of Hershey, Pennsylvania, be sure to make this yummy Hershey Chocolate Cupcake recipe to enjoy with the kids!

Fun Pennsylvania Crafts for Kids

Pennsylvania Crafts for Kids:

1. You can’t learn about Pennsylvania without studying chocolate! This fun Hot Chocolate Math Activity is a “sweet” way to practice counting with kids!

2. Pennsylvania was the site of several Civil War battles. Check out this amazing list of Civil War crafts, including paper soldiers, berry ink, and a classic slingshot!

3. The state animal of Pennsylvania is the white-tailed deert. Let the older kids make this lovely Glitter Deer Silhouette Canvas to hang on the wall!

4. Did you know Pennsylvania has two state locomotives? Your kids will have fun making this Recycled Paper Tube Train!

Pennsylvania Crafts for Kids

5. The state fish of Pennsylvnia is the brook trout. Make this cute Button Fish Craft and be sure to include a few fish that are green and white-spotted to resemble the state fish!

6. Pennsylvania is home to several amusement parks, including Dorney Park. Your children will have a “ball” building this Straw Roller Coaster STEM Project!

7. The first zoo in the United States was the Philadelphia Zoo, which is still open today. Try this fun and easy Who Lives in the Zoo Sorting Activity for preschoolers!

8. The Liberty Bell, which is housed in the Liberty Bell Center in Philadelphia, has long stood as a symbof American independence. Teach the kids about its history with this Liberty Bell Craft!

Crafts for Kids to Make about Pennsylvania

More Pennsylvania State Resources:

These crafts are a great companion to my Pennsylvania State Unit Study!

The Pennsylvania State Unit Study is a perfect, week-long, study about The Keystone State!  You and your child will learn so many interesting facts, people, and events about Pennsylvania by completing the entire study that your children will beg for more and more information!  This is the perfect guide to Pennsylvania history for kids!

Do you have any ideas for how to make Pennsylvania crafts for kids that would be fun for a homeschool unit? Share your suggestions in the comments!

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Emily Barnett

Saturday 14th of January 2017

Great article! I didn't know these facts for Pennsylvania, thanks for sharing them,

That who lives in the Zoo activity seems quite fun for my kids. They can easily learn about the different zoo animals while enjoy playing it. Then we will be ready for a trip to the Zoo. I can't wait till then :)