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Connecticut Crafts for Kids

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Make a study of this Northeastern state fun for your children with these easy Connecticut crafts for kids! They’ll love finding out about the state’s symbols, geography, and people with these activities!

Connecticut is a state that is rich in American history. From the Revolutionary War to the world of higher education, the state of Connecticut has been the sight of important events and the home of notable American figures.

Connecticut Crafts for Kids

Kids can learn a lot when they start to study this state. For example, Connecticut was one of the original thirteen colonies that participated in the American Revolution. Connecticut was also the home of Eli Whitney, inventor of the cotton gin.

And, since Connecticut is bordered by the Atlantic Ocean, these fish activities and crafts for kids would make a fun addition to your unit!

Connecticut Crafts for Kids:

1. Connecticut is one of the best places in the U.S. to observe autumn trees changing colors. Make this gorgeous Fall Tree Craft!

2. Did you know that the first law school in the United States was founded in Connecticut in 1773? Help the kids make this cute DIY Diploma Picture Frame!

3. In 1875, the first telephone exchange in the world was established in New Haven, Connecticut. Take a trip back in time and make a classic Tin Can Telephone with the kids!

4. Connecticut can receive up to 60 inches of snow in a year. Whether you live in a snowy climate or not, this fun Snow Puffy Paint is a nice way to make your own winter scenes!

Crafts for Kids to Make about Connecticut

5. Teach children about the letter W and marine life with this easy Whale Craft! After all, the state mammal of Connecticut is the sperm whale!

6. Baseball great and civil rights icon Jackie Robinson was born in Connecticut. Learn more about him with this DIY Baseball Shirt activity!

7. Connecticut’s state bird is the American robin. This adorable Rocking Robin Craft is a perfect craft for little ones!

8. The first submarine to cross the North Pole while submerged was the U.S.S. Nautilus. This vessel is now a museum in Groton, CT. Introduce the kids to this landmark with this super cute Toilet Paper Roll Submarine craft!

Connecticut Crafts for Kids to Make

Do you have any ideas for Connecticut crafts for kids to make? Give us some suggestions in the comments!

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